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Technology’s Rapid Influence in Business

  • On : October 5, 2018
Written by Stephanie Petrolo

The influence of technology cannot be ignored. Advancements have connected us in ways we previously couldn’t imagine, allowing tasks to be completed efficiently. In business settings, technology has increased the pace of the work environment with a shift from analogue to digital. This is undoubtedly necessary as businesses need to be moving rapidly in order to keep up with competitors, consumer demand and to allow evolution. Technology has swiftly shifted the operation of businesses, creating an efficient workforce.

Mobile technology is constantly evolving through refined models including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The compact nature of these devices allows business people to bring their work with them anywhere. Through the mobility of these devices, constant access to data and information is granted, formerly reserved for the office environment. For instance, executives are able to carry presentations to and from work and are able to present to clients anywhere where previously most of this was completed solely in an office. The advancement of mobile technology has enhanced the pace and productivity of the work environment. Instant access is granted allowing for businesses to always be one step ahead.

Through technology, we are easily connected to colleagues, clients and potential customers. Co-workers are only an email or text message away, granting us constant access without barriers. The days of business trips have been minimalised through video calls and group messaging which have allowed for proficient collaboration amongst associates and clientele. Access to consumers has also increased through connectivity with the ability to send messages on social media or email, inviting them to purchase new products or to utilise a service. The access technology has granted within the business environment has established competent workforces. Further, it has gifted widespread access to clients and consumers which was previously a prolonged process.

The innovation technology has granted businesses is perhaps its greatest gift. Through the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, efficiency and connectivity have taken a forefront in business. AI has minimalised the routine tasks in business allowing employees to focus on other responsibilities such as presentations and consultations. This is also evident through AI chatbots which have been used to efficiently answer consumer queries again allowing more time for the human workforce to complete other tasks. The use of AI in business has created a simpler work environment, increasing efficiency.

Undoubtedly, advancements in technology has allowed for improvement in the business environment. Efficiency is key in this context to ensure a successful business for both employees and consumers. Robotic Marketer illustrates the future of technology in business. Where a marketing strategy can take days to complete manually, the use of AI will allow the process to be done competently in minutes, emphasising the efficiency of technology.

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