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The Power Of SEO

  • On : September 17, 2021

There is no doubt that the world we live in today is staggeringly different from the world that businesses were operating in 20 years ago. Technology has taken over many aspects of people’s day-to-day lives, with mobile phones, laptops, and televisions becoming a major influence. The advancement of technology in the past 20 years has not only affected how we as individuals see and do things but has also impacted the way small and large businesses operate. No longer are we seeing people writing letters to loved ones or saving data to massive hard drives or floppy disks. Today we have instant communication and thousands of GB of data that companies store, analyze, and use to understand the consumer better. The transformation our world has gone through is marvelous, with the future holding ever more optimism.

For small businesses, this constant change can often be frustrating as we navigate through the plethora of different methods for how to market your business that seem to be ever changing. This brings us to the power of SEO in today’s digital era. If you’ve dabbled or researched in marketing, then chances are you’ve heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO, in short, makes your website more visible and assists in aligning your brand up with searched consumer problems, thus increasing traffic and click-throughs to your website. This, in turn, increases your opportunity of converting potential consumers to actual consumers. Below are some of the top reasons why SEO is an extremely powerful tool in today’s digital world.


SEO increases visibility and web traffic

One of the most obvious ways SEO can help your business is by increasing the exposure of your website to the broader community. This makes it easier for potential and existing consumers to find you when searching for keywords related to your business. Naturally, this increases the web traffic directed to your website and thus improves your chances of developing sales. The higher you rank on a search engine results page, the more likely potential consumers will see your website and consider your services or products. This is particularly important as increasing web traffic is often the most important goal of SEO.


SEO builds trust and credibility

Another power of SEO is that it builds trust and credibility between your brand and your consumers. This is extremely important for building rapport with your consumers. Consumers will naturally have a higher trust in your brand if your ranking is higher than your competition. It takes patience, effort, and commitment to build trust with your consumers and also relies on your business consistently producing and offering valuable user experiences.


SEO helps you understand your customer better

SEO does more than increase traffic to your website. It also serves as a tool to understand your customer better and their respective customer needs. Search query dataSERP analysis, and analytic data are tools that allow you to gain insight into user behavior and what your potential consumers want from you. Knowing what your potential customers are searching for in a brand is vital for competing with other companies, as changing consumer needs play an important role in developing future marketing activities.


SEO improves user experience

For your website to have high SEO results, you need valuable content, useful information, and a good user experience score overall, and many other elements. Google’s search engine algorithm considers hundreds of variables, meaning the development of a positive user experience on your website directly correlates with strong SEO results. Therefore, SEO forces you to optimize your site and develop the user experience to rank well, thus providing the end-users with exactly what they’re looking for, an engaging experience.


SEO levels the playing field

Have you ever felt like the big corporations have way more resources and capabilities than your small business, and you will never be able to compete? Google’s search engine algorithms have evened the playing field, making it increasingly easier for smaller companies to rank well. As the marketing field no longer needs large resources to remain competitive, the ROIs for small businesses investing in marketing is growing daily.


SEO impacts the buying cycle

Consumers are spending more and more time online doing everything from shopping to banking and from communicating with friends to watching the news. SEO will enable you to utilize the internet and turn consumers who use digital devices into customers that will purchase your product. With the increasing popularity of digital marketing, companies that would not usually rely on a digital presence for lead generation are seeing increasing value in developing a strong website and SEO campaign.


SEO is low cost

As we have mentioned above, SEO is a low-cost method of generating leads. Therefore for small businesses looking for high ROIs, it would be silly to look past SEO marketing. As Google’s algorithm levels the playing field between big and small businesses, there is no greater time to invest in SEO marketing. Marketing strategies from Robotic Marketer outline ways anybody can improve their SEO ranking through concise and targeted marketing activities.



Now that you understand why SEO is crucial for growing your small business, you may wonder how or what marketing tactics are best used to improve SEO results. Marketing strategies from Robotic Marketer outline how to improve SEO results through a multitude of marketing tactics. Should you or your small business be looking to develop a success-bound marketing strategy, please speak to our expert marketing consultants today.