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What are you doing with the extra time AI gifts you with?

  • On : August 20, 2018
By Megan Eaton

Let’s face it, we aren’t the most active society, sure, we’ve got a few extremely talented athletes doing us all proud. But other than that, the stats for the everyday human aren’t in our favour. Studies show that the average amount of steps taken in the world are just over 5400 per day, that’s only around 4km’s a day. Definite room for improvement.

So, are we laid-back or just lazy?

The younger generations of today have a reputation for living a laid-back lifestyle accompanied by a very nonchalant demeanour, but come on guys, there’s a thin line between laid back and lazy, and we’re flirting with it. The real question is, what is everyone doing with their time? All of these new technological advancements are providing us with opportunities to GET. STUFF. DONE. But all we’re doing is sitting back and lounging about.

What are you doing with the extra hours you’ve been gifted?

Society is viewing AI as a glass half empty scenario when really, it’s a glass half full. Yes, we can get Uber Eats delivered straight to our front door, but that also saves us 30-45 minutes preparing dinner… heaven forbid we do something productive with our time. We no longer have to waste our Saturday mornings waiting for the post office to open to collect our packages, thanks to electronic tracking, our packages can be left at our front doors. Let’s not forget Uber, does anyone else remember having to call up a taxi, wait for a confirmation, followed by a considerable wait time for a cab to show up. These little things we’ve taken for granted literally add up to HOURS of our lives back.  AI is giving us our lives back and it seems as though we’re wasting the opportunity when we should be seizing it!

Work made easy, let’s do more!

There’s no doubt AI has not only impacted our personal lives but considerably influenced our working lives by making our 9-5 days noticeably more efficient and user-friendly. Can anyone even remember or for us even remember what their workforce was like before the internet and computers?! The scary thing is a large majority of the present-day workforce have never experienced a work day without these luxuries, they can only imagine how inconvenient it must have been.

Let’s give a well-deserved round of applause to AI

Basically, what I’m trying to reiterate is we have all this extra time, but we seem to be taking it for granted. AI isn’t here to take over, it’s here to help us out. Through getting rid of nitty-gritty, time wasters such as paying with cash, we can now tap’n’go. How amazing! It’s the little things that add up. So, come on Aussie, come on! Let’s get proactive and start appreciating AI through showing how productive we can be thanks to their help. Thank you, AI, you’re a true lifesaver.