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Leaving trust in the hands of Artificial Intelligence

  • On : August 17, 2018
By Jaimie Cusack

We must expose the Pandora’s box, educating businesses and the society as a whole on the concepts, algorithms, and workings of Artificial Intelligence. This vital insight allows us as humans to better understand the current present day and the possibilities of further developments in Artificial Intelligence. In relation to the Marketing industry and Artificial Intelligence the greater knowledge and insight, we have access to the more inclined we are going to want to invest our time and money into the systems and strategies that will be efficient, detailed and uniquely competitive to every business.

Artificial Intelligence is the near future, we might not want to think about it now. Though it’s predicting, creating and paving the way in regards to business innovation, strategies, and conceptual thinking.  Though there’s one thing standing in the way from accepting Artificial Intelligence and that is Trust.

Trust is the ability to hold and portray the honest belief and reliability in an individual or system. As humans, we have a tendency to not accept and fear things that we don’t understand and know, trust can only be formed through the constant utilisation of test and error of systems such as those of Artificial intelligence. This can be seen through the increased utilisation of digital technologies such as the internet, the more we are able to participate the greater our trust is in the system and procedures, our attitudes are then positively changed.

Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already embedded in marketing today through, search, programmatic advertising, market forecasting and now thanks to Robotic Marketer, marketing strategies are available. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important and biggest trends in business today and all businesses especially marketing firms should be taking a particular interest in this technology and using it to their advantage. This growth in artificial intelligence will allow marketing firms to gain more in-depth and data-driven marketing strategies and therefore give you a more effective marketing campaign.

This is one of the beauties of the Marketing Eye’s revolutionary system of Robotic Marketer, integrating the world of big data and Artificial Intelligence to produce marketing strategies to companies that involve the personal individualised feel, creative aspects, and complexity to succeed. The great wonders of Robotic Marketer is that trust in the system is exponential due to the information, education, and insight that is available to businesses.

The nature of marketing work is now changing, and that is a good thing. Many believe that artificial intelligence will take away important marketing jobs, but this is untrue. Artificial intelligence will, in fact, change the way marketers work and how they go about their everyday job. This change will ensure that marketers are getting the most out of their day by working more effectively. Marketers should welcome this change with open arms because, at the end of the day, change in regards to technology and in particular artificial intelligence is the way our world is shifting.

Whether you like or even trust robots and artificial intelligence is irrelevant because this is rapidly becoming the way of the future. You’re better off jumping on board now and accepting that robots can help your business grow rather than refusing to accept the inevitable and letting your competitors beat you to it.