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How AI is changing the PR Industry

  • On : August 1, 2018

Written by Stephanie Petrolo

The presence of artificial intelligence in the marketing and public relations industries, let alone the global community, has been met with a range of responses. Perhaps fear is the most prominent. There is a fear of the unknown. If AI runs to plan, will it minimise human input? Perhaps we should focus on how AI is in fact assisting us, particularly in the PR industry, rather than the opposite.

When thinking of PR, we associate responding to events whether that be a crisis or success. PR professionals have to be reactive particularly in disaster situations. It is difficult and tedious monitoring the web for comments and reactions. Who’s to know if a comment you’ve skimmed over will blow up? AI however has the ability to predict social media crises through data being added into an AI cloud which results in predictions being cast. According to analytics company, Keyhole, these predictions are 80%-90% accurate.
With the addition of AI, PR firms are able to predict whether or not prepared responses or ‘damage control’ is a necessary response.

There is no hiding the fear of AI taking jobs away from humans. Instead of assuming jobs will be taken, think of AI being able to enhance how you write press releases, for example. When pairing your experience and flair in writing with AI’s knowledge, you are left with a more refined and targeted release, which is beneficial to you and your client.

Another advantage of working with AI in PR is its ability to assist in time consuming tasks. Whether it be checking emails or writing reports, these lingering tasks can take up a large amount of time. Using AI to respond to clients or analyse content will ultimately allow the human workforce more time to focus on campaigns and other important tasks.

While being fearful of the unknown is understandable, it is time to embrace new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence. AI is not taking jobs away but is in actual fact making us better workers. We can learn from AI as they learn from us. Furthermore, they are assisting us in the more ‘mundane’ aspects of working life. Working with AI allows for a superior PR industry which should be celebrated.