Welcome to Life-Changing Technology

  • On : August 22, 2018
By Eleonore Kugle

The world is changing every day and as a result, it’s becoming more and more efficient. But how is that actually possible?

We only need to flashback 20 years prior- no Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones. If you wanted to catch up with some friends, you couldn’t just google maps the location of the place, or order food delivered by Uber Eats and watch a movie on Netflix in the meantime. All of that wasn’t possible years ago. Due to digitisation today, technology is developing and has already improved many different sections of our lives such as healthcare and retail. The new, life-changing, technology supports our daily life by helping us live a comfortable and easy life.

We’re communicating with technology as if it’s no big deal!

It seems as though we are all walking around thinking voice recognition is just a given. People are literally walking the street, driving their cars or watching TV and not only interacting with their technological devices, but they are getting said devices to communicate with their friend. AI can recognise speech, learn, plan and even solve problems. We already use it in our daily life when we, for example, speak to Siri, when we use smart cars or if we just listen to Spotify. We use it all the time without recognizing that we actually utilize it. Artificial Intelligence is always around us and supports us in our daily life.

So, if the technology is helping us in so many different sectors of our life, why don’t we use it for marketing as well?

Thankfully, the Robotic Marketer has been created with the sole purpose of improving the marketing strategy of a company. This technology is able to interpret all important information about a business and within no time at all can process an expert marketing strategy, saving the Marketing industry both time and money. The Robotic Marketer has the ability to analyse the current position of a company compared to other competitors and figure out what will be the best strategy to leave your competitors behind you. This Robot pretty much screams, “Hello, future!”, and the Marketing industry couldn’t be more excited about it.

Nowadays, we have so many opportunities to improve our daily life as well as our business. But the most important thing to do is not just look at all the chances we could have had. Instead, we should grasp the opportunity and use it to your own advantage! Robotic Marketer is one of those opportunities that Mellissah Smith (creator) has well and truly grasped.