What is the future of marketing 2019

  • On : June 21, 2019

Marketing has changed so much in the last few years. With technology growing and advancing every day, marketing is constantly being affected. We can credit these changes to technological advancements and artificial intelligence. However, due to these innovations, consumer expectations have been modified as well. We have to switch up the way we reach people and adjust to new improvements if we are going to stay in the know when it comes to the future of marketing.

What does the future of marketing mean for AI? Marketing is all about reaching consumers and creating relationships, but how can a robot do that? Well surprisingly, robots are better at reaching consumers than we are. Artificial intelligence takes customer data and processes it in order to more effectively reach an individual’s unique preferences and personality. According to Salesforce Research,  “51% of marketing leaders say that they currently use AI in some capacity, with a further 27% planning to start using it over the next two years.” Over half of marketing professionals utilize AI in some form because it is so successful. AI is both the present and the future of marketing.

Due to the increasingly common delivery of perfectly tailored ads consumers are now seeing exactly what they actually want to see. They have a sparked interest in the content they’re being exposed to, but because of this, their expectations have peaked as well. They now expect more amusing and compelling ads than ever before and they want them how they want when they want.

Consumers are so used to everything being so easily accessible on their mobile devices. If they’re getting ads then they want them significant to their likes and they want them on the go. We have to be able to keep up with these ever-increasing expectations that consumers have of modern marketing, and who knows what they’ll expect ten years down the road.

With the future of AI in marketing comes some drawbacks as well. Budgetary constraints, customer privacy concerns, and too few data scientists are all in danger of affecting the future of AI in marketing. It’s expensive to use such advanced technology and few are able to make such technologies accessible. On top of that, some experts are concerned that it may intrude on customer privacy. But if AI can be implemented respectfully and accurately it will continue to change the way we do marketing in the future.

The world of marketing is only expanding and we have to make sure we stay knowledgeable about where it’s headed. AI isn’t going anywhere, it will continue to grow and change just as customer expectations will. If we can stay in the know we can stay on top of the game.


How AI is playing a role in modern transportation

  • On : June 18, 2019

New ways of transportation are just around the corner and AI is at the forefront of this development. Autonomous cars, self-driving garbage trucks and drone air taxis are all in the near future for the world of transportation. Technology has come a long way, but just how advanced has it really become?

 We now live in a world where self-driving vehicles exist. It’s amazing that the things we’ve once seen on TV have now become a reality. The dream of driverless planes, trains, and cars have all been brought to life. There is even a form of machine learning that’s being used to predict traffic jams before they even happen. Early stages of luggage tracking are in the mix now as well. The idea is to use a built-in GPS to track your luggage on your phone wherever it may be. The technology also uses a built-in scale so you can check the weight of your bag as well. New technology is even being put towards promoting safety on the streets.

 Ford announced that it planned to submit a patent for a robotic police car. The vehicle would be able to issue tickets and violations to cars exceeding the speed limit. It would be done by scanning registration numbers and using CCTV footage. Next time you get a ticket it may not even be from a police officer. It’s quite impressive how these developments are being put into place.

 Now, most of these advanced forms of transportation won’t hit the market for quite some time, but what you might not know is that you already have some form of AI working in your vehicle right now. Sophisticated driver assist programs such as GPS routing and sensors to detect obstacles and other vehicles are all backed by AI. We are so used to these helpful forms of technology that we don’t often stop to think that they are a form of artificial intelligence.

All of these modern advancements may seem like the next best thing but with all this new technology we have to ask the question, is it safe? Do we trust robots to make major decisions for us as our lives are at stake? Thankfully, extra steps are being taken to make sure all forms of transportation are safe and sound before they hit the market, but safety is still a concern. However, if you don’t believe that cars should drive themselves you at least have to admit that this technology is pretty cool and that the opportunities are endless.

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AI as impactful technology

Is AI expected to be the most impactful technology

  • On : February 6, 2019

One of the first references to AI dates to 1950 in an article by Alan Turing entitled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”. The official birth of artificial intelligence took place a few years later at the 1956 Dartmouth Conference. This technology is therefore not invented recently and even many researchers have been working on this topic for decades. But it’s now that the impact of AI is beginning to be even more important than ever before.

Why AI computer program is beneficial?
Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is a computer program with skills such as planning, learning, reasoning, and problem-solving etc. This program has the capability to do the same things as the human brain but even faster. It can crunch millions of millions of data in only a few seconds.

Save money and save time.
AI is surely our future that saves us time and money. It’s just how we used to say it, “time is money”. Its superior efficiency that could facilitate many things and allows the human to be a focus on the more essential issues. For example, if we have a closer look in healthcare, to diagnose a disease usually takes the longest time. Therefore, AI allows doctors to focus on the care part of his work as long as AI focus to utilise analysing each of the data to make a diagnosis.

Replacing us or helping us?
When we talk about AI, some people get scared because they think Artificial Intelligence can replace us and including everyone’s jobs. But that is not the point of this fast-growing technology. This tool has been made for supporting us in several industries to be more successful in our business. Even though, AI doesn’t have feelings like a human can have, it can never replace our emotions. However, the social part stays in a human hand.

The question is, how far can AI conclude the end of the human being? We’ve got the answer, we have the ability to still control that technology and lead AI to where we want it. Hence, we must make this technology beneficial to us and thus set limits: it’s just like Stephen Hawking once said “AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity”.


AI and it’s influence on farming

  • On : January 30, 2019

The time has passed whereby everyone does everything the traditional way. We are now living in a society which is continuously evolving and heavily dependant upon technology. This reliance on technology has led to the adoption of artificial intelligence in just about every aspect of life. Now we are seeing AI play its role in farming. This might come as a shock to many as the farming industry is typically made up of hard workers who don’t shy away from tough work. Those farms that have adopted the technology are generally very large manufacturing farms which are producing vast amounts of produce, but now we are starting to see smaller farms adopt AI technology to improve efficiency.Read more

world of a Human Resources

AI in the world of a Human Resources

  • On : January 17, 2019

The world as we know it, is changing rapidly and is going through an array of technological innovation that is recognisable in literally every business industry. By utilising Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Engineering and Cybersecurity, the new century has arrived and is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But after all those impressive technical influences and innovations, the question comes up in what way does artificial intelligence change the work of the Human Resources Department?

The influence and benefits of AI hiring systems

By introducing  AI hiring systems, it simplifies the task of communication with candidates to write an invitation and give them feedback after a successful job interview. Such a system also increases the efficiency of the process of job candidate matching. AI can screen thousands of candidates based on pre-determined parameters during only a few seconds. This makes the hiring process quick and efficient. Without the need of HR reps to call or meet candidates that are not fit for the job in the first place.

Better Outcomes after the hiring process

The use of recruitment platforms helps employees to enhance their abilities in several aspects for instance to improve their knowledge of compliance, safety or other job-related topics. By utilising artificial intelligence-based systems, HR reps can provide the ability to implement workshops and tests for employees with biometric and psychometric analyses. This system has the capability to evaluate the results of the test in seconds and supply a productive and efficient score.

The facts speak for themselves

Researcher and recruiters recently collaborated to find out how much of the HR work consists of repetitive tasks that can be replaced by artificial intelligence programs and systems to increase efficiency and improve the cost management. The results they found were that 16% of all HR jobs will be taken over by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence in the next 10 years.

Also, HR is taking their advantages from this fast-growing technology and increasing their efficiency of the hiring process and matching the candidates with the position as well as that current employee getting the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in their specific business field. AI is surely an impressive and very useful tool for the Human Resources Department.