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Is hiring a “robot” to conduct your next workshop too impersonal?

  • On : February 13, 2019

Many questions revolve around robots and AI, and in particular concerning feelings: “will this technology be able to reproduce human emotions? Feel empathy? Be less impersonal? Here, the question is: is it necessary that a robot has feelings and the ability to personal to conduct your next marketing workshop?

A workshop is a “collaborative session”, which generally lasts 3-4 hours. This group meeting will focus on a predefined topic and fix objectives, everyone actively participates in order to create an emulation of knowledge. This meeting is led by a facilitator who must make this day constructive and not boring. Can a robot do all this to a satisfactory level?

Robot’s can! Give data to a robot and he can manage a lot of things. During a workshop, there is a lot data shared between participants, then a robot can conduct this meeting with all information exchanging in the room.

You think it’s too impersonal? Impersonal means to not influenced by, showing, or involving personal feelings. It is true that robot or AI don’t have feelings and cannot be empathic for example. However, it is obvious that we humans are unable to establish emotional connections with these machines without risk. Would a simple illusion be enough? The fact is that some robots can know what you are feeling but don’t feel emotions. They can adapt the answer in function of your feeling.

To conduct a workshop, you need someone who can keep everybody interested, a robot can be this animator because he can collect all the information discussed during the meeting and adapt his answer to lead the conversation to a precise point.

To conclude, if we take “impersonal” in the literal sense, a robot would make your workshop impersonal due to his incapacity to feel emotions but considering the ability it has to adapt, a robot can perfectly conduct your workshop. The best answer you can have to this question is the feedback of your next workshop!