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5 expert tips to help you integrate AI into your business

  • On : February 15, 2019

With the rise of AI, everyone is beginning to see this technology as a working tool. As fascinating as AI can be, it allows tasks to be performed in record time and with great precision. So, what are the important tips to follow?

Accept it

First of all, you must accept that this new tool can be very useful. Then, you’ll have to be patient because even if this technology is one of the most advanced, its installation is not done with a snap of the fingers. According to Soma Velagutham, Global Head of AI and deep learning for telecom “AI is actually a process and a journey—it’s not a switch you turn on, and everything becomes AI”, it will not immediately produce results, it is an “evolutionary technology”, which becomes smarter and smarter thanks to its capacity of machine learning.

Build your strategy around AI

To use AI in the right way, you need to know why you need it, why it would be useful to work with this technology? To do repetitive work? To be faster? Asking the right questions helps to use AI wisely. According to Sahil Chopra, Founder, and CEO of IcubesWire, if the use of Artificial Intelligence is adapted to your needs it can “increase your company’s added value” and he said, “Trust AI to boost profitability as contrary to popular belief, it will not take away human jobs, rather it allows them to shift their focus to more complex jobs”. You need to connect AI to your KPI if its usefulness is not anticipated it will only be “a toy that is pleasant to look at” according to Kris Bondi, CMO at Neura.

Customer relationships are always key

Nicholas Cumins, General Manager, SAP Marketing Cloud, suggests, “Now, deep learning allows brands to form stronger connections with customers by understanding specific behaviour and an individual’s propensity to take the next best action. Over time, marketers can analyse these patterns, determine what led to successful outcomes for each and use similar strategies for each interaction following”. Indeed, even if AI can allow you to create work faster and more accurately, do not neglect the relationship with your customers. Because, the technology of artificial intelligence is not able to reproduce human feelings, so it should be kept in mind that the relational side remains at your charge!

Look to adjacent industries

Sometimes it is necessary to look at what is happening in your neighbour’s home to adopt a way of doing things. The same applies to AI since it is a new technology, if you want to adopt it in the following months, you may be the first of your competitors to do so. You still have to know what to expect. “Understand what’s happening there and how they have succeeded and bring that to your current industry”.

Invest in talent

“AI is all about talent, and you need to create fertile ground for talent,” Velagutham said. To understand such technology and be able to manage it, it is obviously necessary to have competent personnel. This fascinating technology remains complex. You have to make a choice between hiring or training your staff in order to adapt to artificial intelligence.

With the help of expert tips, the transition to AI can be made easily and unhindered! So, you must first evaluate “why should I adopt AI” before you blindly launch into it and also keep in mind that even if AI has a thick catalogue of capabilities, you need to keep control over certain things.