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8 Myths Surrounding AI

  • On : February 19, 2019

We’re surrounded by artificial intelligence daily. Yet there still are common myths and misunderstanding about Artificial intelligence which need to be dispelled. What exactly are these myths about AI technology?

AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) are all the same

So many complex terms revolve around AI technology. Machine learning and deep learning are often misunderstood. Those buzzwords are not synonyms! To stay simple: Artificial intelligence solves tasks requiring human intelligence, ML solves a specific AI task by learning from data and DL solves ML problem by using neural networks as its algorithms. Don’t confuse them anymore!

AI is only for big companies with big investments

The idea that many people have is that Artificial intelligence is a complex and futuristic technology, but we must not forget that this technology is already part of our daily lives! Siri, chatbots, search engines… all this is led by Artificial intelligence. To take advantage of this tool you do not always require substantial expert research or millions of dollars! The only thing you need is to get started!

Artificial intelligence will replace human jobs

A report from global research and advisory firm Garner said that Artificial intelligence is currently creating more jobs than it is destroying. By 2020, it is expected that 1.8 million jobs will be lost due to Artificial intelligence. But at the same time, AI will create 2.3 million jobs!

AI has human characteristics

Artificial intelligence can do almost all of what we can do, but doesn’t possess every human quality and characteristics. A big difference between humans and Artificial intelligence is that Artificial intelligence is not organic! The software is programmed to perform certain tasks. When “Siri”, the smart speaker of Apple compliments you, it’s only because it’s in their program. That’s why Artificial intelligence is not human and cannot replace us.

Artificial intelligence is autonomously superior to human

AI is not autonomously superior to humans, despite most people believing otherwise. While Artificial intelligence has plenty to offer, it is engineers that handcraft AI and supply intelligence. In the majority of cases, this engineering time saved by AI is redirected towards other pursuits such as developing AI and machine learning algorithms that can ‘learn’ solutions.

Artificial intelligence can figure out any data

It’s true to say that data is what feeds Artificial intelligence, but not just any data. Quality is important!  Data needs to be right and relevant to the problem asking. AI cannot make sense of data when it’s too broad and not processed to be relevant for the system. AI algorithms can’t figure out any and all of your messy data!

Artificial intelligence needs a gigantic amount of data

You might be disappointed! Artificial intelligence doesn’t need a large quantity of data to give you a result. Obviously, more data included means more quality and better performance provided. But the most important is not the amount of data, it’s the capacity of AI to treat it thanks to it’s capacity of machine learning. Data is not the only things that AI use to respond to a problem.

My business does not need an Artificial intelligence strategy

Every business should consider the potential impact of Artificial intelligence. Investigate on AI! This technology is the next phase of automation, it permits a competitive advantage and it permits to be one step ahead of your competitors this time. You can start by entrusting your marketing strategy to AI hands for example.

Now, the truth is being dispelled about popular myths around Artificial intelligence. To find out if this technology can be beneficial to you, just investigate and get started!