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Is AI threatening jobs or making new opportunities?

  • On : February 11, 2019

What do you think about AI? Exciting technology? Frightening? Or both? It should be noted that 21% of people think AI is something to be excited about, and 70% considered it both disrupting and enabling while only 9% believed it will displace most jobs. Then what’s the correct answer?

Bring automation

Carl Benedikt and Michael Osborne predicted in 2013 that “47% of jobs can be easily automated in the next couple of decades.” But not all jobs, be reassured.

Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize routine jobs and manual jobs like painting or cleaning, those whose tasks are repeated day after day or even hour after hour. What is called routine jobs are those related to data entry or logistics production. Those jobs can also be easily automated.

Non-routine jobs which one require creative responses or high cognitive and social skills are going to be less likely automated or even not at all.

According to the International Federation of robotics, less than 10% of jobs are fully automatable.

Creating new jobs

Robotics is going to be used for repetitive skills, standardised tasks those ones who requires the least of the human cognitive mind.

Some jobs going to disappear to the benefit of AI, whereas new jobs we don’t even know about before are up for grabs, like YouTube blogger, SEO expert, Creative professionals in the field of robotics.

A report from global research and advisory firm Garner said that AI is currently creating more jobs than it is destroying. More than 2 million jobs could be created thanks to this technology by 2025. Not just only software engineers but AI trainers or analytics mentors, and new jobs in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Moreover, social jobs cannot be handled by anything else other than humans and a robot cannot feel the empathy of doctors for example. Some jobs must be kept by humans.

It is true to say that the use of this technology can have mixed impacts. Like everything in life, nothing is black or white! But for now, we have the control to decide the power of AI. Artificial Intelligence is at is best to assists humans, it is not a competition! This new technology was not invented to replace us but to make us more efficient.