Will AI be able to protect itself from hackers

Will AI be able to protect itself from hackers – 2019 update

  • On : May 8, 2019

Cybersecurity has always been a tricky issue due to the high complexity of the industry and the always changing nature of the technology sector. Since the creation of the Internet, hackers have flourished and are making the entire world trembling with cyber attacks every year. Indeed, we make it a habit to digitize everything; books, photos, newspaper, and all our personal data. We stored them on our phone, computer or the cloud, with all the confidence in the world. It just makes our lives easier and it is also better for the environment. Although, the threat of hackers is here, and we are all easy prey.

Why we fear hackers.

The experts of the dark web are known to use personal data and sell it to anyone ready to buy it. At a higher level, hackers use data to blackmail individuals and celebrities for money in return. The reason why we fear them is because we know of similar cases happening before. Well, hackers usually turn their technology against the most powerful people in the world, but no one is safe. We are all concerned when it comes to our personal data being exposed publicly, and big companies fear for their business data as well. The nature of security risks is constantly evolving as the hackers always improve themselves to counter any firewall and it seems the only solution is to be careful with how we use the internet, and what personal information we decide to share.

What if AI platforms are hacked.

We know that AI driven-systems are used everywhere, in any industry. At a large scale, it is not a big deal if your Instagram or Facebook account is hacked. Now, imagine a hospital that uses AI or the army being hacked. It could have dramatic effects and hackers may have uncountable powers… Is there any solution?

We don’t have to fear for AI because AI is the answer to cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity experts are working every minute to enhance security software and make them impermeable to hackers. With the help of AI, cybersecurity scientists are invincible. As a machine learning system, AI can learn from hackers’ methods and always be one step ahead. The machine-learning algorithms watch those dark web experts’ behavior and adapt quickly to their evolving tactics. Hackers will always improve themselves as the technology improves too. It is like an infinite circle where AI will always win considering it is more proactive and adaptive than humans.