Climate change in action

Is AI the Key to Saving the Planet?

  • On : February 28, 2019

Growing up, everyone is taught about global warming, preserving the Earth, and steps to take to prevent further damage. However, humans are unreliable. We forget, we lose interest, we are persuaded otherwise. By incorporating artificial intelligence in our efforts to save the world, we are provided not only with the most efficient way to protect it, but also ways to save it. Artificial intelligence is most notably aiding in the use of energy and the study of climate change.



AI is changing the way we use energy. By integrating AI into the energy field, we now have the ability to manage our energy consumption in the most efficient and effective way possible. A great example of energy management are the Nest Thermostats. These smart thermostats learn your habits, using deep learning to map energy efficiently. They turn off while homeowners are away- saving significant amounts of energy. Homeowners can see the amount of energy saved and used at the push of a few buttons.


Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues today. AI use in this area allows scientists to map data in the future and determine what the best strategy is to resolve the issue. AI can take the data of past carbon emissions and predict the emissions of the future with shocking accuracy. This prediction technique is also applicable to more physical subjects. Scientists studying the distribution of tree species in Puerto Rico used AI in the study of how tropical storms affect the forests. Hurricane Maria destroyed thousands of acres of trees and AI was used to determine which tree species withstood the hurricane. This allows for future predictions of the ecological environment and the impacts on carbon emissions. When trees are damaged, the process of decomposition emits CO2 into the atmosphere, and since the trees growing back are smaller, carbon storage is smaller as well. This means that more carbon will remain in the atmosphere than the amount photosynthesized, causing an increase in global warming. AI’s mapping of future events and atmospheres aids in the preservation of the planet, prevention from harm, and progressive outlooks and approaches to issues today.


So will artificial intelligence be able to help contribute to saving the planet and making this a more sustainable place to live for future generations? The answer is yes, Like all other areas this technology touches, it’s ability is only getting better and better. Five years down the track we might look back and realise that this technology played a massive role in shaping the world we live in to be a cleaner and safer place for all future generations.