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5 AI trends to watch out for in 2019

  • On : February 26, 2019

The place of AI in our society is becoming increasingly important and we are amazed by the capabilities developed by this technology. From a year to year, the trends around this new tool, which will soon be indispensable in our daily lives. Here are 5 trends to watch out for in 2019.

Speech recognition

Last year, trends revolved around speakers like Alexa, which makes it easier for people to search for information on the web just by asking a question. Almost 66.6 million Americans are projected to be using speech or voice recognition technology by 2019. This year, your TV is going to be controlled by voice. More and more objects in your home will be controlled by voice. Starting with your TV very soon and then it will be a microwave and so on.

Image recognition

Image recognition is the ability of computers to acquire, process and analyse data from visual sources. With image recognition, AI can be able to diagnose diseases, detect license plates or complete payment. For example, in marketing, GumGum uses its proprietary computer vision technology to scan images and videos from millions of pages across the web, allowing brands to place relevant ads where users are most likely to see them.

Cyber Defence

In 2017, thirty-one per cent of organizations have experienced cyber-attacks on operational technology infrastructure. Cybercrime is a real menace. AI will make it much easier to prevent and fight off cyber threats and hackers. This technology is able to detect online enemies, identify cyber threats and abnormal activity.  For example, AI is already able to identify a fake account and compromised users on certain sites or applications like Facebook.

Virtual agents

Last year, the trend was towards chatbots, this tool is able to simulate a conversation with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites and mobile apps. In 2019, AI gives to chatbots a voice and a face to a company. This virtual agent can handle even more customer service tasks for your business. For example, Autodesk’s virtual agent Ava has a female face and voice that speaks in a way that lines up with the company’s brand and personality. It is much more successful than its previous chatbot.

Automated Machine Learning

Machine learning combines to a highly advanced expertise thanks to algorithms becoming automated. AutoML allows developers to solve complex problems without creating special models and stay focus on the problem and not on the entire process. This improvement permits addressing the issues instead of going through the entire workflow and upgrading flexibility.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more integrated into our everyday world as the years go by. AI trends are really proving to be a game changer for businesses and consumers. Take advantage of AI’s 2019 trends before they become a norm to society.