How To Use Digital Marketing To Win More Deals

How To Use Digital Marketing To Win More Deals

  • On : November 16, 2020

In recent years, the number of digital marketing tools available has increased tremendously, making digital marketing an especially powerful tool for businesses to convert leads and connect with clients. As an inherent part of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, adapting to new digital marketing technologies is more important than ever to allow technology companies to stay ahead of the game, adapt their strategy and extend their reach in the B2B market.

Social media, EDM campaigns and online content have all become more important for enhancing credibility as a quality provider of technology and share stories of success with prospective leads.

In order to communicate the value of technological solutions offered to prospective clients, here are six strategies your company can leverage to win more deals online and accelerate the growth of your business.

1.Use MDFs to invest in digital marketing activities

Market Development Funds (MDFs) are provided by vendors to finance marketing activities conducted by channel partners. Vendors provide MDFs to expand their reach in recognition of the direct contact that their channel partners have with end-users.

Ensuring that you fully take advantage of these funds to get maximum returns is a fantastic way to win more deals and increase the growth of your business. By drawing attention to your service offerings, utilizing MDFs also has the additional benefit of creating opportunities to upsell across other product offerings.

As a win-win for vendors and channel partners, MDFs can be used in a variety of ways to boost sales and growth. They may allow you to partner with an expert or MDF approved marketing platform, such as Robotic Marketer, to develop a marketing strategy that is impactful and delivers returns to your business in the face of an increasingly competitive industry.

2. Leave a good impression with your website

Ensuring that your website is clean, responsive and easy to navigate is imperative to establishing your brand as a trusted solutions provider. Your website is the very home of your digital presence and should communicate the value you offer to clients. It should house important aspects of your business, including content, case studies and information about the services you offer.

Potential clients read a lot into a website in terms of design and content, so you don’t want to give them a reason to click away. Ensuring that your website provides value to prospects is crucial to improving conversion rates.

This can be done by consulting with digital marketing experts who are able to provide guidance in creating a site that responds quickly and communicates information that is relevant to the customer’s journey.

If you already have a great website, it can be a foundation to add new features to, including chatbots or industry insight content – further establishing your company as an expert in the field.

3. Define your target audience

While having a clear marketing strategy is important in all marketing activities, B2B marketing has an especially important need to ensure that you are selecting your audience carefully in order to maximize your ROI from marketing activities. Since B2B relationships with clients are long term, selecting the right individuals to target is especially important.

Moreover, having a clearly defined and segmented target audience is cost-effective; allowing you to streamline marketing activities based on relevance.

To select a target audience, it is important that you carefully define your value proposition and core offering in order to gain a deeper understanding of the specific characteristics of businesses in the target group.

Actively engaging with your target audience is a key aspect of digital marketing. As simple as it sounds, by understanding the needs of your target audience, you will be able to better engage with them, allowing your investment in marketing to be a more powerful tool to win deals that evolve into long term clients.

4. Utilize a suite of digital marketing platforms to drive sales

Once you have narrowed down a key target audience, you can utilize a full suite of digital marketing tools at your disposal. With so many changes occurring in the digital marketing space over the last few years, there are a variety of platforms and technologies to use to enhance your digital presence.

GoogleAds is a favorite, allowing companies to bid to display various paid content to online users, including photos, videos and advertisements. This is a fantastic way of expanding your reach further, assisting you to develop demand for your service and further establish your brand in the competitive online landscape.

In addition to GoogleAds, paid social media advertising through social media platform such as LinkedIn, is another way of targeting users on online platforms. This is important as 95% of B2B target audiences are engaged on these platforms.

Irrespective of which platforms you choose to use, it is imperative that your branding and presence is consistently communicated across channels. You must ensure that all materials enhance the credibility of the business.

5. Leverage LinkedIn to secure more deals

LinkedIn is the premier B2B platform for communicating with potential partners and clients as well as connecting with other professionals within your industry. Ensure you are improving your social media performance with your posts is important for success in the market, especially since LinkedIn can be the starting point for significant deals being signed.

Ensuring you have a good mix of paid and organic LinkedIn activities, to expand your reach whilst fostering a genuine connection with your audience is key to success on the platform. The platform can be used to share posts and achievements that communicate your company’s expertise and positive client experiences using your services.

Another way of growing LinkedIn reach is by joining groups to remain up to date with industry trends and connect with prospective partners.

6. Utilise online publications and blogs to communicate your expertise

Publications allow you to exemplify your expertise in the industry. As a key part of your website, they can be used to improve your company’s SEO and also give further insight into your service offerings, industry knowledge and success stories from clients.

Online publications and blogs can also be linked to through EDMs or social media. By creating new, engaging content for your audience, you are able to increase the number of touchpoints prospective clients have with your business, thereby making your company more memorable.

While online publications are a great way for keeping current clients engaged, it can also extend your reach to new prospects. By utilizing publications, you can position the company as innovative in developing offerings that disrupt the industry.

There is a huge variety of digital marketing tools that are available for businesses to use. In the B2B landscape, it is important to ensure that you are using an adequate number of tools to stand out within the industry and exemplify your value to prospective clients.

By focusing on using the right tools, targeting the right individuals and leaving the right impression with your digital marketing activities, you can facilitate the growth of your business and win more deals.