Uncertain market: how companies are cutting costs in marketing.

  • On : August 29, 2022

During times when global prosperity is a bit frothy, marketing becomes challenging for marketers. These sales could be affected for multiple reasons: low disposable incomes, doubts for the future and transitioning lifestyle and consumption patterns. With constant downturns in the economy like the pandemic, conflict between nations and climate change, the consumers are experiencing low self-confidence. This affects the buying behavior and spending areas that people prefer. The ability to predict these metrics are diminishing each following day. Which in turn makes the future and the market more uncertain than ever.

To combat these hurdles companies have been trying to cut costs in all departments. Marketing being an integral part of the business, this blog focuses on ways companies are trying to market themselves at reduced costs. Read on to find out five simple and basic ways cost minimization is possible in the marketing initiatives for your company during these unpredictable times.

Social media

Digital Marketing is the most trending and important mediums of marketing that exists right now. With the immense development of marketing opportunities at social media platforms, companies are spending huge amounts on strategies like, influencer marketing. To ensure that your company can optimize lead generation in this particular type of marketing with a budget in place, it is better to focus efforts on the platforms that are helpful in getting customers. Now some apps would get leads, but it is important to differentiate between leads and customers. The aim of marketing is to get long term customers that stay with the business and make more than one purchase. So, if in your case most conversions are seen from blogs and written content, the marketing team could focus on expanding this section on your website and forums like Quora to promote the brand. This research can be done from all the data that gets collected from the customers on a regular basis.

Customer target segments

After limiting the active media marketing channels for the brand, you can further save costs. To ensure higher rates of conversions, it is crucial to narrow down the target customer segment. This is possible via analytical software that gives insight into the type of people who have interacted the most with your content. This type could be classified on the basis of age, place of origin, gender, nationality, lifestyle, etc. What the business has to understand from this is once the characteristics is determined, the efforts should majorly be directed towards them. The posts that are put should have content that engages the target segment in a way that they are persuaded to visit your profile, website, etc. and make a purchase. This reduces the risk of producing marketing content that isn’t received by enough number of people; in turn making it profitable for the company if people outside this target segment are engaging with our content.

Working remotely

Instead of making amendments in the receiving end of the marketing communication channel, the company can also avoid unnecessary costs by changing a few things at the source. With the onset of the pandemic in recent years, people have become increasingly comfortable with the online or remote way to working. This method is more convenient for the employee and the employer as costs can be cut in terms of office logistics, etc. Hiring a remote marketing team also removes the barriers of getting people from other parts of the world integrated with the company. This gives the business an exposure to global perspectives, expanding its horizons to draw in customers from all markets. A remote marketing team brings in more opportunities than limitations which makes it a profitable cost cutting measure for your business.

Referral marketing

Another solution to marketing on a budget is through using a traditional marketing strategy with a modern twist. This way has become quite popular and it involves organic marketing! Referral marketing is a good strategy option that can help you get new customers without investing a lot in marketing. This strategy involves giving incentives to existing customers if they get new customers for the business. These incentives could be discounts, reward points in the loyalty program, vouchers, etc. This is a very effective way to enhance public relations for the company. Referral marketing also gives the business an idea on how satisfied their existing customers with their product and services. Yet again bringing in profitable options for the company to promote itself.

All the solutions that have been described above are based on the using your existing resources. But there is an innovation that provides major cost relief to your business in terms of investment in marketing. That is, Automated Marketing tools. These technologies derive and formulate marketing strategies for your company using information technology. These tools are designed to develop a strategy that is competitive to make you stand out amongst your competitors. Every strategy is tailored to be unique and serve your brand’s requirements the best. These tools completely cut out costs of hiring people, investing in the planning of campaigns to market the business. You just need to invest a small amount to outsource this tool and you are good to go! Robotic Marketer is one such technology that eliminates additional costs in marketing for your business. The marketing strategies are completely data-driven which backs its authenticity.

These were a few ways your company can emerge profitable even in terms of crisis. However, it should be kept in mind that even if you limit your social media platforms doesn’t mean that the brand’s presence is completely cut-off too. Limiting in this case refers to reducing the intensity of your marketing investments. Similarly, for target segments, they should be formulated very carefully. The reason being, if any potential customer is lost by the company, it will limit the business’ opportunity of expanding in a new market. If implemented properly, these solutions are extremely effective for your business.


Author – Ishita Jain