• On : August 17, 2022

B2B marketing strategies have broadened over time, and to uphold a competitive advantage, accounting firms must adapt to these changes and utilize the multitude of strategies available to them for optimized results.

Clients generally seek accounting firms with the idea that the client-agency relationship will be on a long-term scale, meaning that it is crucial that an accounting firm is able to prove their success and the way in which they are able to exceed a client’s expectations.

It is critical that accounting firms adopt modern, more relevant B2B marketing techniques so that clients are attracted to the services they provide. Accounting firms use highly targeted marketing messages that require an in-depth knowledge of the value that the accounting firm offers its customer. To succeed within this area, it is beneficial that businesses stray away from out-dated marketing techniques. The aim is to move away from reliance on word-of-mouth to a more data-driven approach through digital marketing, content creation and websites that really show that they care about the customer.

When ascertaining what is the most effective marketing strategy for accounting firms, there is a plethora of marketing tactics available. That’s where strategy plays the most pivotal role. Through using platforms like Robotic Marketer, a world first AI generated marketing strategy technology platform that fast and efficiently develops comprehensive marketing strategies for your business – the work is done.

Accounting firms may choose to develop marketing strategies manually, which can take up to 6 weeks to do, and that’s if you don’t procrastinate. We suggest using a platform that develops, manages, executes and reports on your marketing strategy performance.

Why choose B2B marketing?

In making the tough decision on what accounting firms services to choose, clients will make this decision based solely on a business perspective, and who they believe will provide them with the best possible services they require. It is pivotal that accountancy firms utilise a plethora of B2B marketing strategies, to ensure that their clientele can trust them in handling their accountancy needs and doing it well.

Ultimately, it is the end goal of any business to convert potential clientele into long-term customers. Adopting a wide range of B2B marketing strategies for your accounting firm will allow your company to create meaningful and professional relationships with the businesses you intend to work with, ensuring their trust in you is secure and the chances of them straying elsewhere is limited.


For a B2B marketing strategy to be effective, research is the first step in ensuring its effectiveness. Detailed studies will allow an accounting firm to serve their customers in the best way possible, whilst ensuring they are able to measure the performance of these strategies being implemented.

Research in marketing will allow a firm to understand which parts of their accountancy firm are successfully benefiting sales and their clientele, and which sectors are not. This will allow any given firm to make more profound and fine-tuned business decisions based on this constant research.

By committing to regular research, accounting firms can ensure they are heading in the right direction in terms of succeeding in their field, as well as getting the opportunity to learn from prior and current processes that might not be working and making changes to ensure that clients’ needs are being met.

Ultimately, this will provide firms with a broader idea of different and newer services they can offer, that can work to provide them with a point of difference from other competitors and increase their overall client outreach.


The fastest growing and most successful accounting firms are considered specialists due to the way in which they operate in a targeted niche.

Many firms waste both time and money by pitching services to those who aren’t exactly looking. There can be a two-pronged outcome here – the first being that the customer is turned off and the second that it entices the customer to change their accounting services provider.  By specializing and having a niche-driven marketing strategy allows accountancy firms to expand into an extensive pool of potential clients that want exactly what your firm has up to offer.

By presenting your brand to businesses and individuals as a firm that predominantly specializes in a space where you could be considered a leader and expert, potential clients are able to easily determine the point of difference. They will be able to see the USP between you and your competitors and will influence decision making to the positive steering towards your firm. From here, they are able to make a smart and efficient business decision, as they are aware of exactly what you have to offer, and the way it can benefit them.

If a business is aware of exactly what you have to offer to cater to their needs, this can reduce the time and effort wasted on further research they may have to conduct in finding the perfect fit for their accounting needs.

Utilization of this B2B strategy will provide your accountancy firm with a simplified way of tracking the success of its marketing strategies, saving time, money and effort.


A website is generally considered the top marketing platform for generating leads, nurturing existing customer relationships and driving customers to education information sources related to their accounting and taxation requirements. Your online presence should provide users with vital information that gives them a clear understanding of the services that you offer and should be utilised as a tool for building a sense of trust and transparency between the firm and its potential clientele. This will also aid in proving the legitimacy of your firm to the public and gives credence to whether they should do business with you.

An accounting firm’s website should display the utmost professionalism and be an information-rich centre that is easily accessible to those who seek it. Your website works to generate leads, which will then lead to an increase in overall sales.

In considering all components, the attractiveness of a website tends to play a major role in creating traffic. Graphic design provides accountancy firms to create a visible difference between them and their competitors, purely based on what a consumer is visually seeing. The design of your website must be suitable for an extensive range of electronics, including laptops, desktops and phones. By creating a responsive design, a user’s experience is simplified and made to be a better experience.

In further utilizing this B2B marketing strategy, a high-performing website will allow accounting firms to expand their pool of potential clientele, by increasing their visibility. In simple terms, consumers must be able to easily find your accounting firm’s website, or else they may not even consider choosing it.


Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving your accounting firm’s site in hopes that visibility is increased, and people can find you. When individuals search keywords into search engines such as Google and Yahoo, it is important that your firm can organically increase visibility in search results and be at the top of the search engine.

SEO is an extremely beneficial B2B tool that should be utilized in the accountancy industry, as the world is not lacking accounting firms, therefore making yourself known to individuals is important.

There are trillions of searches made on a yearly basis, therefore it is extremely easy for your accounting firm to get lost in that pool of searches.

There are many avenues an accounting firm can take to create visibility through SEO, and through the creation of digital content and blogs through social media – firms are able to do exactly that.

Successfully identifying relevant keywords that are constantly being searched in the accounting industry allows for your firm to be able to create visibility and attraction to your website through these avenues.