The Importance of Market Research in Digital Marketing Plan

  • On : March 6, 2020

The right digital marketing plan can catapult a business ahead of the competition with strategic insights and actionable tactics. As such, digital marketing is shaping the future of marketing and market research states that there is a thin line between success and failure.


Digital media platforms are a very useful resource for businesses and their marketing activities. Until now, businesses struggled to conduct marketing for themselves because each target customer was so far away and there was no link between two potential customers. With the innovation of digital media has come greater freedom of expression. People have learnt to put their interests and opinions in front of everyone. Customers are forming groups, and discussion forums to share and understand viewpoints, products and services. 


With the advantage also comes a vulnerability for the business. The quickly customers come to the business, the quicker they would leave if their needs and wants are not met to satisfaction.


To ensure that we retain all our customers, businesses need thorough research and keep a few factors in mind. Market research can help identify what customers are the most suitable for your brand and services. By understanding the demographics and attitudes of customers, a company can shortlist these basic target markets into specific leads which could convert into paying customers. These research reports can talk about the customer’s age, gender, occupation, economic conditions and basic behavioral attributes, helping in concluding a set of needs that they would have from the brand. Research can also reveal what the customers are currently using and the brand can thus alter its marketing efforts and include them into its customer base. 


This was about understanding a single customer. But to establish a strong presence in the market, businesses have to analyze and be familiar with the industry and market practices that have been prevailing. Brands can conduct detailed marketing research to understand metrics like market size, growth, and more. 


The brands can estimate when the said industry would reach its saturation, and even explore all the new technologies or administrative barriers that may be underway. Keeping up-to-date on these metrics and factors can give your business a futuristic outlook. Marketing strategies can be planned according to the predicted changes in the digital space.


Even in traditional marketing, market research is associated with the development of new products or services by the company. The same applies to digital marketing. When the business is consistent with its market research from its target customers, data can be used to determine what the existing and potential customers will want with these products in the future. This gives your company an edge over the others in terms of innovation. The research can also give an idea about the advertising techniques the customers are most attracted by, giving you better insights into digital marketing.


The market research gives marketers the chance to obtain vital information that can help them in planning the right strategy to ensure their brand’s digital marketing success. Market research helps you find ways to market your business more effectively. With digital marketing becoming more and more popular nowadays, the importance of market research has never been more significant. However important the market research is, if not done properly can cause losses to the company be it monetary or time-based. So, it is necessary that research efforts are consistent, and to the point and a few people are dedicated to it. Market research for any company should also be kept confidential to prevent misuse by others in the industry. 


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Author – Ishita Jain