The undeniable rise of chatbots usage

  • On : June 4, 2019

You may be thinking what is a chatbot and how does it affect me? Well, a chatbot is an instant messaging system that answers any questions you may have while on a website. It saves time and effort by automating customer support. So, whether you are the one visiting the website or the company behind it, chatbots are beneficial to you.

The increase in the use of chatbots is because they are so convenient. “Gartner forecasts that by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human,” said The use of chatbots assists both the user and provider by offering help to customers in need. If you have a question, simply type it into the message box and receive an answer within seconds. No need for lengthy phone calls or bothersome emails, chatbots take away the inconveniences.

Now chatbots aren’t just used for customer satisfaction purposes. They can also collect information about users, help organize meetings, and reduce overhead costs. Collecting information about users is a very important part of its job. It gathers information on what type of websites the person uses and what activities they enjoy. After collecting the information, it can use it to target the customer’s specific interests and create content that would exclusively appeal to them. Tailored marketing content can increase attraction and drive up sales.

Besides enhancing social interaction and increasing sales chatbots can also be entertaining. There are two forms of chatbots the first is the simple chatbot. The simple chatbot uses prepared responses to answer customer questions. It can be programmed to give funny tips, tricks, and feedback. The chatbot may ask how someone’s day is going or give them small pick-me-ups throughout their stay on the website. The process is all around entertaining and informative for the user.

The second kind of bot is the smart chatbot. Instead of using pre-prepared responses the smart chatbot relies on artificial intelligence to create its feedback. In addition, all customer comments are recorded so that any problems with the website can be fixed and made more user-friendly. Both types of chatbots are great for convenience and making sure customers receive help and stay informed.

There’s no question as to why chatbots are becoming more popular. They are efficient, time-saving, and progressive. If you want your customers to remain satisfied, then chatbots are a great option for you. Make your marketing strategy more effective with the use of chatbots.