Artificial Intelligence

How AI Has Changed Digital Marketing Forever

  • On : January 18, 2022

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a digital computer or a computer-controlled robot to take over human tasks and effectively complete them. AI allows for the machine to display human-like abilities, such as learning, planning, talking, writing, and creating.

As innovation in AI continues to break the boundaries across various industries, Corporate Vision believes it is important to shine a light on establishing businesses like Robotic Marketer. Robotic Marketer uses artificial intelligence to help create marketing strategies for our clients, and we have been voted as the best “AI-Enhanced Marketing Strategy Solutions Provider” by Corporate Vision. 

Artificial intelligence has changed digital marketing forever, and here is why.  


How Exactly Has AI Changed Digital Marketing? 

Chatbots Have Become the Standard

You may have interacted with a bot at an online store, via their live chat on their website, or over social media, particularly Facebook Messenger. This is how artificial intelligence is used to build better customer service. This is a great tool to use especially when it comes to answering general questions your customers or potential customers may have. Chatbots have the ability to learn from past conversations and improve their ability to provide appropriate responses and solutions. AI powered chatbots are one of the best ways to improve the customer experience.


More Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications 

We have seen AR and VR around for a while now. The application of AI to VR enables important possibilities, such as AI-based continuous image recognition reporting results in a VR display. By allowing your consumers to see how a product can look before purchasing through the use of VR is game changing, and many businesses have taken advantage of this on their websites. 

IKEA for example has launched a new augmented reality (AR) application that allows users to test IKEA’s products in real-time through Apple iOS 11’s ARKit technology. The app automatically scales products based on the room’s dimensions. The company stated that it has a 98% accuracy. This use of AI and VR allows customers to visualize a product within their space and lets them see how it looks through their phone or iPad screen. Augmented reality and VR can change the game when it comes to retail stores.


Amplified Customer Experience 

When it comes to customer experience, it is extremely critical that your customers have the greatest possible experience, luckily artificial intelligence can help with that. Companies may use artificial intelligence to gain a better knowledge of their consumers’ demands even before they do. Consider a corporation that tracks prior orders and then notices a pattern of what a consumer prefers to buy, and then sends an email reminder about that specific product. Through collecting data from individual customer preferences and purchases, artifical intelligence can then personalize the list of products that customers need to purchase. This not only engages the customer but also demonstrates that your company cares about what they buy. Artificial intelligence is a means to ensure that your consumers have a positive experience that will entice them to return and conduct business with you.


Can Help to Improve Your Social Media Targeting

Artificial intelligence is a terrific tool for social media. Businesses may use AI to learn more about their target audience and their preferences. This is an excellent tool for assisting advertisers in better targeting their advertisements. It may do time-consuming social media administration tasks as well as certain social media monitoring. In addition, AI can create data in a matter of seconds. Although AI cannot write exactly like a human (yet), it can turn data into comprehensible prose. AI ensures that prospects receive communications that are customized to their specific goals and needs.


Artificial intelligence is going to be the only way businesses are going to be able to keep up with the demands and expectations of their customers. Since it is now more accessible for businesses, it makes it more a more valuable tool for digital marketers. AI is continuing to change the way marketers’ market and is going to continue to change the future of marketing. If you have any questions regarding your marketing strategy or artificial intelligence, please get in contact with one of our marketing experts at Robotic Marketer and let us create your marketing strategy through the use of AI. 


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