Artificial Intelligence

Voted Best AI-Enhanced Marketing Strategy Solutions Provider – by Corporate Vision in the Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

  • On : November 20, 2021

Robotic Marketer is proud to announce that they have recently won the “Best AI-Enhanced Marketing Strategy Solutions Provider 2021 in North America” presented by Corporate Vision in the Artificial Intelligence Awards.

The award was created to recognize companies who are leading the charge in digital transformation and honor the Artificial Intelligence pioneers who work tirelessly to ensure they are providing the best solutions available to businesses and consumers alike.

As innovation in AI continues to break the boundaries across various industries, Corporate Vision believes it is important to shine a light on the establishing businesses like Robotic Marketer as they work to make their mark in this competitive and dynamic field.

Founded only five years ago, Robotic Marketer has produced over 350 marketing strategies per year at a higher standard, more data-driven and results-orientated than ever before. With the commitment to providing clients with strategies that are smarter, more intuitive, and fact-based than your usual marketing strategy. Robotic Marketer will ensure that you will receive the best marketing strategy available in the world today.

Given the velocity, complexity and volume of omni-channel marketing tools today, Robotic Marketer makes sense of a company’s business goals and aligns the marketing strategy accordingly. To create in-depth marketing strategies, Robotic Marketers priority is to invest in their clients. By empowering people to think forward into the future and dream about the possibilities of using software robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Robotic Marketer focuses on creating a smarter, more results driven, customer-centric marketing strategy.

By delivering strategies tailored to the changing business landscape, Robotic Marketers cutting-edge marketing technologies combined with creativity, insight and intelligence, gives clients the best results.

As one of the first awards Robotic Marketer has won, we continue to be devoted to the future of AI by assisting companies with the development of marketing strategies and asking the questions needed to think differently in today’s technological environment.

Image Source- Shutterstock-1803136597