B2B marketing plan Q4

The best B2B marketing plan for Q4

  • On : October 11, 2022

Q4 is an integral part of the year for most companies when you can put all your sales and marketing in order. It’s the last three months of the year when companies mainly summarize everything that happens. It can be crucial for the business. This is the time for stabilizing achievements and strengths of the business during the year and also emphasizing weaknesses and solving them.


B2B in marketing is the trade between two businesses of products, services, and information rather than between businesses and consumers. ( B2C)


To have successful sales, you need to have clear and achievable goals, but it will be hard to get them unless there is a strategy that is easy to follow. So, let’s have a look at some key points.


Analyze your company’s situation in the market


Q4 has luxurious things that other quarters don’t have. This is the time to examine everything that took place in the year. Be attentive to whether any particular segment becomes less popular or generates less income. It’s time to optimize it.

If you are unsure whether your efforts are working, check out the result understanding strategy.


Set SMARTER goals

To better understand the smarter goals, it’s necessary to look at the meaning.  

S – specific. Identification of particular goals and achievements is more accessible now, as much knowledge is already accumulated.

M – measurable. Name the result you want to achieve.

A – achievable. Here I need to remind you that this time of the year is very competitive, and all tools should be directed to it.

R – Realistic. As we talk about the small amount of time, let’s face the most important goals.

T – time-bound. Set the deadline.

E – Exciting. Make your goals invincible.

R – relevant. The company goals need to be suitable for the current stage.


Define executive marketing tactics

At this stage, you will have the customer research, the user journey map from the beginning till the end, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and KPIs (key performance indicators).

Acknowledging this, identify the most common needs of your client and work from there. Then, put all the effort into solving the problem. 


Match marketing efforts with a budget

Ideally, you want to divide it between cold traffic and existing clients (retargeting). This decision should be made after checking all the data till the beginning of Q4. B2B brands should focus on control and goals of the user journey.


Choose potential marketing methods.

If you were advertising only offline – try offline: banners, flyers – use the new ways. You never know what works and what does not until you try.  


As you continue to develop and publish content, you want to pay attention to potential possibilities. Be concentrated yet flexible.

Here are some examples of marketing channels for your future reference:


Social media: both paid ads and content generated by influencers.

Website: it’s essential to post on your website. For example, write a blog.

SEOoptimize keywords and backlinks.

Organic growth: let’s see what works best without your intervention.

Email Campaignsinclude promotions and upgrades.


Find competitor’s weakness with B2B Q4 optimization

This is a powerful tool to see and fulfill the problem in the market. Of course, your company’s weaknesses are essential, but the rivals` will open a more extensive spectrum of what is missing.


Put your plan into action. 

Every member and every marketing department should know what they are doing and why. Put an apparent aim and direction to your team.


Build excitement for the next year 

Focus on the human connection; everyone likes holidays, so don’t be afraid to add some thematic layer to your material. But keep creating helpful content which aligns with your company’s values. Additionally, you can have a look at the following year’s trends, so your clientele will have some pictures of the foreseen future.


Don’t forget to measure your success.

It’s so valuable to see what was effective and what was not. So check your metrics from time to time, regardless of the result. You need to have the entire perspective of your business and its growth.


Be ready for the Q1

This may not be as obvious as all the previous points, but you must be ready for the next chapter. It’s efficient to know your next step after a successful year. Maybe your company will not be able to implement everything listed, but if you focus on some of the positions, you will undoubtedly succeed. 


Q4, which includes the last three months of the year, October, November, and December – it’s when the marketing miracle happens. During this period, your goals should become a reality. Therefore, don’t neglect it; you will be surprised by the results.


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