shopify integration

Harnessing the Power of Shopify, Klaviyo, and Robotic Marketer: A Unified Approach to E-commerce Success

  • On : December 15, 2023

In e-commerce, success comes from employing a number of effective tools and strategic insight. Shopify and Klaviyo have become staples in the digital storefront and email marketing realms, respectively. However, integrating these with Robotic Marketer, especially considering its digital ...

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Working desk and laptop with business chart

What Marketing Looks Like in 2022, and How Marketers Should Adapt

  • On : February 3, 2022

Marketing is not about seeking customer attention or persuading them to purchase, but rather engaging customers to interact and to deliver meaningful values about the brand’s products and services. The pandemic certainly has posed many challenges to companies and their marketing teams, ...

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Virtual Reality

Is the metaverse just marketing hype?

  • On : December 30, 2021

The world is abuzz with hype over how customers will experience brands through the metaverse and with the likes of Facebook and Microsoft throwing their weight behind the ‘next big thing’, the world is scrambling to work out whether it is just hype or do we all need to be early adopters and ...

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How Artificial Intelligence is Building The Future of eCommerce

  • On : September 9, 2020

Source: Jeff Bullas eCommerce won’t be the same after this year’s events. While the whole planet was frozen by the coronavirus pandemic, offline stores found they couldn’t compete with even the smallest online stores when people’s lifestyles were limited by their homes or neighborhoods. But ...

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