Steven Jackson

Former NFL Running Back, Steven Jackson, Strengthens Robotic Marketer Team and Hurdles Industry Obstacles

  • On : November 4, 2023

In the dynamic realm of marketing, staying ahead requires not only cutting-edge technologies but also insightful thought leaders who understand the intricate dance between discipline, communication, and goal setting. Robotic Marketer, an innovative solution revolutionizing traditional marketing, is at the forefront of this transformation. In this exploration, we delve into the crucial role played by former NFL pro-bowl running back, Steven Jackson, as a thought leader and keystone member of the Robotic Marketer family.  

Steven Jackson – From NFL Pro-Bowl to Marketing Thought Leader  

Steven Jackson’s journey from professional athlete to marketing technology innovator is a testament to the parallels between discipline, success, and effective communication. Having played for the St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots, and the Atlanta Falcons, Jackson transitioned to a career exploring the cutting edge of marketing technology. Seeking a team and a product that mirrored the success and discipline of his athletic career, Jackson discovered Robotic Marketer. 

Redefining Communication with Steven Jackson’s Vision  

As an owner, investor, and director of Robotic Marketer’s new AI technology, Jackson is actively modifying the world of communication and creating avenues of discipline for companies facing resource challenges. For Jackson, communication is a cornerstone of success:  

“It’s really important that we all have the same understanding of what the goals are and are speaking the same language—in the sense of there being no confusion.” 

His emphasis on efficient and clear communication echoes the principles he utilized throughout his professional athletic career.  

Steven Jackson’s Principles for Goal Setting and Discipline  

Jackson is committed to three principles that can guide goal setting and enhance discipline:  

  1. Set a goal that is obtainable and approachable.

As businesses establish principles and disciplines, setting obtainable and approachable goals becomes crucial. These goals serve as the north star, guiding the journey toward building a successful business.  

  1. Increase your speed by two.

Jackson encourages the idea of improving efficiency by cutting initial task completion times in half. By setting a goal to increase speed, businesses can complete tasks more efficiently and effectively.  

  1. Have benchmarks that will stretch your ability to get to your goals faster.

Establishing benchmarks creates a timeline that stretches the ability to complete goals faster. These serve as reminders, propelling professionals toward their objectives.  

The Intersection of Technology and Human Expertise in Marketing  

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the collaboration between Robotic Marketer and Steven Jackson exemplifies the potent synergy between technology and human expertise. This partnership is not just about adopting advanced tools; it’s about leveraging the collective intelligence and experience of a diverse team.  

Embracing Change in Marketing Dynamics  

The traditional marketing landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, and businesses must adapt to thrive in this new era. Robotic Marketer, with its AI technology, represents a paradigm shift in how marketing is conceptualized and executed. It’s not merely a tool; it’s a strategic ally that empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern marketing.  

The Role of Thought Leadership in Marketing  

Thought leaders like Steven Jackson bring a unique perspective to the marketing arena. His experience in the highly competitive world of professional sports translates into valuable insights for creating winning strategies in marketing. The principles of discipline, efficient communication, and goal setting that guided his athletic career are seamlessly woven into the fabric of Robotic Marketer.  

The Transformative Power of Discipline in Marketing  

Discipline is a driving force in both athletics and marketing. Steven Jackson’s commitment to disciplined communication underscores the importance of clarity and shared goals. As businesses venture into the competitive landscape, maintaining discipline becomes a cornerstone for sustained success.  

Discipline in Goal Setting  

Setting goals is fundamental to any business’s journey. However, the key lies in setting goals that are not only ambitious but also realistic. The fusion of ambition and attainability becomes the guiding force that propels businesses forward.  

Discipline in Speed and Efficiency  

Increasing speed in task completion is a principle that resonates with businesses striving for efficiency. By challenging teams to halve their initial task completion times, a culture of continuous improvement takes root. Efficiency becomes a habit rather than an exception.  

Discipline in Establishing Benchmarks  

Benchmarks serve as signposts on the journey to success. They are not merely checkpoints but reflections of progress and indicators of the proximity to overarching goals. Steven Jackson’s emphasis on stretching one’s abilities through benchmarks aligns with the ethos of continuous growth.  

Robotic Marketer – A Revolutionary Solution for Your Marketing Challenges  

Robotic Marketer invites individuals to join their team and overcome obstacles in the marketing field. Rather than wrestling with cumbersome and traditional approaches, the robotic assistant offers a transformative solution to help businesses accomplish more in their marketing endeavours. It has partnered with QUT University, a leading Australian university in data science and AI research, to develop its advanced machine learning algorithms and data mining techniques.   

Join the Robotic Marketer Family  

As Robotic Marketer continues to attract the interest of marketing executives, tech gurus, and thought leaders, the invitation stands for more members to join this innovative team. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and insightful leadership positions Robotic Marketer as a trailblazer in the marketing landscape.