Steven Jackson

Former NFL Running Back, Steven Jackson, Strengthens Robotic Marketer Team and Hurdles Industry Obstacles

  • On : October 4, 2019

Robotic Marketer is an innovative solution that hurdles obstacles faced in traditional marketing plans. Our tech is attracting the interest of marketing executives, tech gurus and a plethora of thought leaders. We’d like to highlight a crucial member of our team–former NFL pro-bowl running back, Steven Jackson. He’s a thought leader on planning and keystone member of our Robotic Marketer family.

After playing for the St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots and Atlanta’s own, Atlanta Falcons, Jackson embarked into a career exploring the cutting edge of marketing technology.  Seeking a team and a product that reflected the success and discipline of his own Athletic career, Jackson discovered Robotic Marketer.

He is an owner, investor and director of our new AI technology. Through his investment in our robotic assistant, Jackson is modifying the world of communication and creating avenues of discipline for companies lagging in resources.

Jackson is always emphasizing the importance of communication:

“It’s really important that we all have the same understanding what the goals are and are speaking the same language—in the sense of there being no confusion. You don’t want someone assuming something. Communicating allows you to be efficient and clear in what you want to accomplish. It allows you to understand where you are headed in direction and what you should expect from one another.”

In his career as a professional Athlete, Jackson used discipline, goal setting and concise communication to achieve his personal goals. He’s committed to three principles that we can utilize in goal setting to set objectives and achieve our goals:

1. “Set a goal that is obtainable and approachable.”

As we establish our business, we must have principles and disciplines that guide us toward success. By all means, we have to establish goals, but also make these goals obtainable and approachable. Objectives serve as the north star in our quest to build our business.

2. “Increase your speed by two.”

 Whatever our starting time (required to complete a task) is initially, it should be cut in half. If you are able to write a blog or copy for social media in 30 minutes, Jackson recommends making it your goal to cut that speed in half and complete the task more efficiently and effectively.

 3. “Have benchmarks that will stretch your ability to get to your goals faster.”

 Benchmarks will serve as reminders that we are nearing our goals. By establishing these plateaus in our professional career, we’ll create a timeline that stretches our ability to get to complete goals faster.

As we implement this strategy, Jackson believes that it can improve our discipline in our personal and professional lives. It will give us the desire to accomplish more in our careers.

“I’m never satisfied,” Jackson said. “I always have a burning desire to want to accomplish more.”

Robotic Marketer is eager for more members to join our team and to help you hurdle obstacles in your field. Don’t wrestle with cumbersome and traditional approaches to marketing. Let us help you accomplish more through the use of our robotic assistant.