SEO and The Robots Improving It

SEO and The Robots Improving It

  • On : October 15, 2019

Last week, we talked about the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how they can secure leads for your business. Next up on our list is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Why is this feature so important and how exactly can you implement it within your business plan and marketing strategies?

SEO is intrinsically tied to KPI. It’s one of the leading KPIs to which you should pay attention. SEO is one of the cardinal ways through which customers can discover your company, brand or product through organic traffic online. This facet of our presence is so important because it is quantifiable. When something is quantifiable we have the means to measure and improve it.

We optimize our websites through positioning them accurately on the web through the use of keywords, key phrases and other strategic language we can find ways to push the organic search rate higher in ranks of the internet’s traffic. So you might ask, where can you find data and other metrics that measure your SEO and search-ability?

The Solution: Two Robots

We recommend using two robots to improve your search-ability and optimize your website on the internet. Google Analytics and Alexa (not Jeff Bezos’s disembodied helper) are two dynamic robots that you can use to improve your organic traffic online. These systems measure web traffic data and analytics.

Alexa, Not Jeff Bezos’s Minion

We’ll start by observing the capabilities of Alexa. This robotic assistant shows your website’s global and national rankings and gives you suggestions for how you can improve keywords so that users find your website more easily. Let’s say that you run a diesel apprenticeship for students in North Georgia, however, you’ve never used the word education on your website. Alexa might suggest you use the phrase mechanical education to improve your audience’s search-ability when they are looking for education in mechanics online. The next week if you have used that phrase in a blog, you might see that click through and bounce rates have both improved. It seems simple, but the language we are using on our personal and professional sites are important and can generate more click-through conversions online.

Google Analytics, For Your Toolbelt

And now we’ve arrived at Google Analytics. This helper is just as important as the later and has a wide array of capabilities. Influencer Neil Patel recommends going on Google Analytics and first opening, “the Channel Grouping report which can be found by clicking Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels.” This page will give us insight into key metrics on organic search data and the segmentation of channels.

After this, we can proceed with Google Analytics to another page detailing more specific insights about SEO. To measure SEO we can look specifically at search conversions by going to “Assisted Conversions report (Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels > Assisted Conversions).”

SEO Relates Directly to Dollar Amounts

These reports can be used every month and measured one period to the next to improve your conversions and searchability online. Using Alexa and Google Analytics pick recommended keywords and key phrases so that the organic search of your website will have a higher ranking on search engines.

If making these sorts of changes to your website it seems like filler, it’s not. As SEO improves, traffic improves and therefore, sales of products will also improve. If you want dollar amounts to rise, here’s a direct correlation in your sales strategy.

There’s One More Robot

Maybe this seems overwhelming. Maybe your company’s SEO is improving, but there are other parts of your marketing plan still suffering. You might be looking for another robotic assistant in addition to Alexa and Google Analytics.

Robotic Marketer has developed its own assistance to aid in the development of your brand, increase your online searchability and create a strategic plan for how you do marketing. Our AI, machine learning software will research your consumers, analyze your competitors and give you key metrics including data on SEO to improve your business.

Why stop at two robotic assistants? You could have three.