Marketing Strategy Technology, Predicting Trends in 2019

Marketing Strategy Technology, Predicting Trends in 2019

  • On : October 12, 2019

The last decade witnessed a sharp transition—digital platforms rose to an imminent position as traditional print media cowered in the shadow of this new wave. We shouldn’t be surprised when new trends occur, but rather, attempt to predict them. We’ll give you glimpse into the future—artificial intelligence infrastructure is going to dominate the field of marketing.

What technology and trends are swelling?

New trends are constantly taking place in the world of marketing. Promoting your business increasingly relies on the development of new technology. Here are just a few examples of technological trends companies are relying on to market their products:

  • Chatbots
  • Voice Search
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Tracking and Honing Data

In a 2018 article studying how tech is disrupting the field of marketing, Forbes emphasized that in the next several years,

“There Will Be A Greater Emphasis On Data (if that’s even possible).”

Now it’s 2019 and the integral importance of data is only growing. If you’re a small business, it seems like a ruse to even think about keeping up with the infinite data pools at our disposal. We should have the desire to really own the data we collect and really implement its use. Our world is already inundated by data and you don’t have enough excel sheets to keep up.

That’s where our robotic assistant comes in play. The use of artificial intelligence or its lack of use in your yearly strategy could make or break your business. Ben Carlson, co-founder and co-president of Fizziology said,

“While artificial intelligence continued to be a top buzzword of 2018, we’ll see it evolve from a ‘hot topic’ into an actionable tool in 2019.”

Robotic Marketer’s machine learning technology is exact evidence of successful use of AI in the marketing sector. Here’s just a few things that our AI and marketing managers will help you do:

Instead of gathering a team of data scientists (especially if you’re already a small business), utilize the power behind our robotic, machine-learning assistant. Our Robot uses market strategy technology to identify your competitors’ weaknesses and see your consumer’s soft spots.

The Newest Trend: A Robotic Assistant

When you sign up for Robotic Marketer, a marketing manager will contact and conduct a workshop with your key team members. This experiential process will help to create a 30-40-page marketing strategy, 12-month marketing activities plan and education webinars to aid you in the implementation of your new marketing plan. Additionally, the use of our robotic services and all-in-one marketing plan is only $1,950—which is an extremely affordable prices for any small to medium sized business.

As technology continues to bend the infrastructure of the business, we must adopt that technology if we wish to keep up. With technological advances the landscape of marketing too will change. We have to be ready for that reality. As mentioned earlier, chatbots, voice search, and data analysis have all been on the rise in 2018 and 2019. Now its’s time to ride the wave of artificial intelligence. Get your own robotic research assistant today.