Robots are helping us in unique and amazing ways.

Robots are helping us in unique and amazing ways.

  • On : December 10, 2018

Robots are becoming increasingly advanced and sophisticated, and due to these advancements different industries are utilising this technology in interesting ways. Various industries are using robots in different ways to decrease staff costs, carry our shopping, do repetitive or dangerous tasks plus much more.

Aged care facilities

Romeo is a human sized robot who’s designed and built to assist the elderly as they lose their own autonomy. This robot is designed to be able to open doors, climb stairs and reach for objects while going about its care duties. In the future, this clever bot may enable the elderly to stay in their own homes longer rather than having to move into care homes.


Health care

Pillo is a robot that’s designed to help with healthcare and well-being around the home or healthcare facility. This robot offers a number of different functions including dispensing medication throughout the day, helping with monitoring of care plans, tracking food intake and much more. This robot features a touch-screen, voice interface, facial recognition and premium speakers, making it a powerful assistant for the home and the perfect tool for looking after your loved ones.



REEM is a full-size human service robot. This robot can act as a receptionist, provide entertainment for guests, make presentations and give speeches in different languages and help with a variety of different chores. REEM is a robust, customisable robot that’s able to self-navigate, interact with people it encounters and keep on running for up to eight hours.



Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ is Japan’s biggest bank, and it employ robots. Nao is a robot that you can see one at UFJ’s flagship branches near Tokyo station. Nao speaks Japanese, English, and Chinese and can answer your questions about how to open a bank account and more.


Music industry

A team of Japanese roboticists created a music-performing band of robots called Z-Machines. It has a guitarist with 78 fingers and a drummer with 22 arms. Record label Warp Records said last autumn it would release an album performed by the band.


Special needs Education

Leka is a robot for special-needs children. It helps them to better understand social and visual cues. It’s shaped like a ball and face that changes expressions and also uses sound, light, and colours to interact. Leka responds with positive images and sounds, such as a smiling face, and it features customisable, multiplayer games based around colour identification, picture matching and hide-and-seek.



Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has taken its ProPILOT suite of self-driving technologies and put them into a self-driving robot called Pitch-R, that can be used to draw 5-, 7- or 11-a-side football pitches wherever there is enough space. The robot is in the final stage of development at the moment and Nissan says it’s just the first of a number of prototypes it’s developing.

Robotics may still seem to some like a far-off futuristic fantasy, but as you have read robots have been a part of daily life for several decades. Since the advent of robots, work has been shared between man and machine. But, as robots become more technologically advanced and autonomous, they learn how to do jobs faster and better than humans. Their precision, intelligence and endless energy levels make them the perfect employees for a wide variety of jobs.