9 reasons why Christmas is the time to reassess your marketing strategy

9 reasons why Christmas is the time to reassess your marketing strategy

  • On : December 12, 2018

Every year Christmas seems to creep up on everyone, we start running around like headless chooks organising the Christmas party for work, buying our Kris Cringle presents for our colleagues and gorging out on cheese platters and champagne.

Every year should end on a clean, fresh high note, knowing that the day you enter the office in the New Year your strategy is strong and the business objectives are clear. There is no better time within the year than Christmas time to reassess your strategy and the businesses marketing performance.

1. Set your goals and objectives for the new year

Setting clear, achievable, definable and measurable objectives for your business is immensely important. Through having set, realistic and clear objectives for the new year provides your business with achievable goals. It’s good knowing when you come into the office in 2019, you have a developed a comprehensive and clear strategy that will achieve your marketing goals and targets for the year.

2. Clean slate

Reassessing your marketing strategy can enable you to start the new year off on a clean fresh slate. If your business practices of the past current year did not hit the targets you were expecting, starting over, with a new in-depth, complete marketing strategy can point you in the right direction for success in 2019.

3. New ideas

Reassessing your marketing and developing a strategy from the AI infused Robotic Marketer can generate new and exciting ideas that were otherwise unnoticed. Bring those ideas into fruition and set actions to implement and achieve those ideas in the new year.

4. Direction for the year to come

Businesses tend to lose a sense of direction when Christmas time appears. This is mainly due to the overwhelming workload, silly season activities and varying demands from clients and consumers. Determining direction for 2019 can do a business a world of good. Knowing where you want the business to lead in the new year can assist in getting you there.

5. To help define and understand your online audience and market

Are you feeling like you don’t really understand or know your audience? If you don’t understand your audience or market it is incredibly difficult to implement messages and content that is successful and effective. Marketing strategies assist in helping you understand your audience by outlining your target market and will highlight the target markets wants and needs for your individual business.

6. Defining marketing resources

You may have all the resources a business in your industry could possibly wish for, though are you utilising their greatest power and potential? Reassessing your strategy during Christmas can help define your resources and outline the potential of each element in your marketing strategy tool-kit. Every resource is useful, but knowing what do with it is the key to success in any marketing campaign.

7. Division of roles and tasks

Christmas is a good time to reassess roles and responsibilities in your business. Re-examining the roles and tasks of your employees, will ultimately achieve a greater understanding of direction and what is needed to be done in all elements of your business.

8. Your secret weapon

It is becoming harder and harder for businesses to find a differentiating edge on their competitors, especially due to the increased utilisation of technology and social media. Your greatest secret weapon of 2019 is a marketing strategy. There’s no point staying stagnate with your competitors, be 1 step ahead of your competition and stay there!

9. Spending money wisely

Are you spending money like there’s no tomorrow? If you’re unsure where your money should be spent and how to get the best capital gain from your investments. This is the time for you to reassess your business strategy and starting spending money wisely with an outlined budget and thorough marketing outline.

Robotic Marketer marketing strategies are nothing but thorough, easy to use and efficient so contact us today to get a head start on your marketing strategy for the new year!