Robotic Marketer: A Simple Solution. Make Marketing Easy.

Robotic Marketer: A Simple Solution. Make Marketing Easy.

  • On : November 21, 2019

What’s your biggest marketing obstacle? Whether omitted or poorly executed, many companies fail to plan. But, there is a solution. Robotic Marketer makes askew plans are a thing of the past. Hurdle the barriers of traditional marketing and step into the future of strategic planning.

What’s so impressive about Robotic Marketer? Far ahead of its competitors, this software displays an uncanny ability to turn data into action. It scrubs the internet, assessing competitors and studying consumers to create tactical marketing solutions. Simply put, Robotic Marketer solves your marketing problems. 

So, what exactly is Robotic Marketer? This multi-step marketing approach intuitively develops a marketing plan for your business. Every detail processed by our team and AI-based software is catered specifically to the success of your business. What does a marketing strategy developed by Robotic Marketer include?

  • Marketing Manager facilitated marketing workshop
  • 40-page marketing strategy
  • 12-month marketing activities plan 
  • Education webinars

After signing up for a Robotic Marketer plan, a marketing manager will walk each company through a workshop that gathers data to formulate a strategy for your business. This software provides a simple solution for traditional marketing problems. In the future, marketing is made easy. So what are some areas where Robotic Marketer could solve problems and improve your business?

Narrow Your Target Audience

Insights collected by our software and team inspire your team to action steps with customers. We move loose ideas into solidified tactics that can be used to connect with your customer basis. Need to connect with an older demographic via direct mail–there’s the perfect brochure for that? Catering to college students running low on funds–there’s the perfect free event to give you a PR boost. Kim Garst once said,

“Focus on identifying your target audience, communicating an authentic message that they want and need and project yourself as an “expert” within your niche.”

Using metrics and data, we’ll help you discover that niche. The data used by our program and marketing consultants carefully collect the data your team needs on your consumer or client basis. Once this data is gathered it can coalesce into one holistic strategy and plan that piques the interest of your customers.

Throw Big Data at Your Competitors

A foundational component of Robotic Marketer’s approach in creating a strategy that can be leveraged against your competitors. While our team uses AI-bases software collecting to collect consumer data, we are also scraping data from your competitors. Big data and fast processing by our machine will give your team the speed it needs to stay ahead. Sam Altman once said,

“Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantages over large competitors.”

Our team will help you to do exactly that. To best understand how you can advance in the market and be known as a thought leader in your industry, it’s important to know how competitors are performing. Our machine learning technology organizes and gathers key data points you need to stay ahead of competitors.

The Collateral Your Customers Always Wanted

Let’s be level headed–content is a huge component of marketing. Whether we acknowledge this or not, customers draw like moths to the light of premium content. It’s been said before that,

“Content marketing is the gap between what brands produce and what consumers want.”

Because our research helps us understand your customers, it also gives Robotic Marketer insight into the kind of content that your customers desire to see. Our strategy creation acknowledges the platforms, style of content and tone of voice that will be most effective when addressing your target audience.

Additional Benefits of a Marketing Consultant

What many don’t realize is that Robotic Marketer is not simply just any other plan. It’s a streamlined strategy with the additional benefits of a marketing consultant. Many companies might deliver a plan and then abandon you in the aftermath of its implementation. However, one of our marketing consultants will walk through your plan with you to ensure that it is thoroughly understood and ready to be implemented.

Robotic Marketer provides a solution from the future. Make marketing easy. Choose a Robotic Marketer. Explore opportunities with Robotic Marketer today by setting up a workshop with our marketing manager.