Know Your Audience, Engage Actively With Target Audiences

Know Your Audience, Engage Actively With Target Audiences

  • On : November 22, 2019

You’ve streamlined your product. It’s ready to fly off the shelves in droves. But, where do you find customers that want to buy it? Don’t let your product die on the shelf or spoil in a digital cart. Develop a loyal target audience that fits perfectly fits your product design.

The Marketo Engagement Gap reports that:

Consumers desire to be connected to businesses. It is not for a lack of the consumer’s desire to be engaged, that we struggle at times to find target audiences. However, for some reason, hitting the nail on the head and pin-pointing our consumers always proves to be more difficult than we realize.

Known and Unknown Audiences

Social Bakers suggests that audiences can be measured in terms of unknown and known audiences. Metrics on “unknown” or un-established audiences can be collected from native social media analytics sources and purchased audience reports. These “unknown” groups can be defined as a group with which your product or business has breached access, but does not yet widely interact with. These customers are on the fringe of your brand experience developing interest and awareness, but not yet intent.

Contrarily, “known audiences” have previously developed awareness, interest and are in the phases of purchase and retention. Sales data, CRM and 3rd party reports provide us with the required metrics that we need to truly understand these audiences and their purchasing habits.

We should hone in on these known audiences, while continuing to develop our unknown audiences as a periphery group. Your business can develop leads from both groups, but will likely experience more success with known audiences. Intent to purchase is always more easily convertible into actual sales. So then, where do we begin, to take metrics on these focus groups?

Data Sources for Target Audiences

Google analytics houses a section for in-market segments. These in-market segments of potential customers are audiences already actively searching for your brand on the internet. Using Google Analytics you can unveil which advertisements are the most fruitful and what brands customers are comparing or considering yours against on the internet. Utilize this information to detail the lifestyle and purchasing habits of your respective customers. In this way, you can brand your product to better fit the needs of those customers. Google Analytics exhibits common queries that lead to your website and your product. It reveals patterns of how your customer discovered or searched for your business. Using all of these digital metrics we build the foundation of our target audience. These metrics can be easily converted into concrete customer profiles and built into complex plans for each targeted group.

The Holy Grail of Content: Planning

The Marketo Engagement Gap reports that, “61% of marketers believe they engage with the right content”. Contrarily, “51% of consumers believe brands send too much irrelevant content.”

These statistics almost seem to contradict each other. Marketers believe that that is hitting a bullseye and simultaneously, consumers seem to believe that content is irrelevant. For many businesses, the perfect content is a Holy Grail that they never find. But attractive and engaging content doesn’t have to be ethereal and out of reach.

Finding the perfect content is not about hiring the most excellent writer or the most skilled graphic designer (although this is a plus). Our ability to concentrate on the right content is directly associated with our ability to listen to the customer. You can’t simply throw content at the wall and hope something sticks. Listen carefully to your audience (after you discover which audience is most interested in your products) and form a strategy based on their preferences. It’s purported that:

Your tactical approach to content creation is just as important as your strategic approach to business. Too many companies miss this idea. Content, like any other discipline, requires meticulous planning. The Holy Grail of content marketing is really just, planning. Conduct the necessary research of your audience and then plan effectively to deliver them regular content. If you remain consistent you are sure to reach them.

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