Marketing strategies for events companies

Marketing strategies for events companies

  • On : July 16, 2019

Event companies are finding it increasingly difficult to cut through a cluttered marketplace and establish their events as a go-to for their target audience.

Unless you are a big brand with an established attendee list, your event may not achieve the desired attendance participation.

Adobe Summit

In March, we attended the #AdobeSummit in Las Vegas. 17,000 people attended this enormous showcase of the latest innovations in Adobe Technology and partnerships with Microsoft and LinkedIn.

As I walked the floors I was interested in how many people were flocking to the event because they had heard of others participating, which made sense as Adobe is all about ‘customer experience’ and in this case, ‘event participant experiences’.

What event companies who are not innovating and creating strategic alliances need is a marketing strategy. A new way in which to connect with their target audience in a relevant way.

Are you doing what you’ve always done?

Doing ‘what they have always done’ may not work in the future, so understanding the way in which event participants would like to be connected with is important. Robotic Marketer can help events management companies re-think their marketing and build out a marketing strategy that their team can execute.

Importantly, if an event management company is smart, they would work out which marketing companies recommend events to their clients for attendance, networking, trade show exhibitions and education.

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