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Don’t Stumble into the Next Fiscal Year, Discover a Robotic Solution

  • On : October 2, 2019

We’ve nearly arrived—it’s the end of Q3 and companies are sent scrambling into Q4. Startups and other small enterprises are wiping their brow, singing praises that they’ve survived another fiscal quarter! However, where many companies are winding down and waiting for the year to end, they should be strategically planning for Q1.

Far too often, small to medium size businesses allow marketing and sales to fall to the wayside in a time where planning and branding are actually crucial. Sources indicate that October and November are some of the most pivotal months for the strategic positioning of businesses.

In his article about the planning process, Lenny Rachitsky, a former product lead and head of consumer supply growth at Airbnb, discusses the necessity of teamwork in our work cycles. He says:

You can’t expect the organization to “just know” how to pull together a quarterly plan. Working without an agreed-upon framework can often be a recipe for disaster.

To ensure that we’re doing everything possible to close Q4 with zeal and fire off the start of Q1 we must be strategic in our plans and our teams must be aligned. There has to be a framework—especially in the departments of marketing and sales. Here at Robotic Marketer, we provide an AI framework that will provide collaborative and strategic planning to prevent disaster and determine a successful trajectory for your small business.

The Stars Align: Strategically Positioning Marketing and Sales Teams

When the moon crosses in front of the sun, a great shadow looms over the earth and something spectacular happens—a solar eclipse occurs! At Robotic Marketer, we believe that when marketing and sales teams are aligned, spectacular things unravel.

Recent insights observe that “51% of marketers are not satisfied with the level of communication between the teams and 53% of sales professionals are not pleased with marketing’s support.” If your teams forego collaboration on projects—if the stars don’t align—nothing is going to be spectacular about your reports for Q4 and Q1 at all. Most likely, you’ll stumble through each and make no impact at all.

CSO reports show that “32% of a sales rep’s time was spent looking for or creating sales content and 90% of the content created for sales by marketing is never used.” That’s a major issue with strategic branding and planning. Without strategic branding, your sales team won’t dutifully execute leads. If your sales team is hardly using content created by your marketing department, then you’re misplacing the small amount of capital you have entirely.

So, you may be thinking—“my company is small enough, and our resources are tight. I want to align sales and branding, but how will I ever afford time or resources to ensure my marketing is pristine?”

Robotic Marketer is providing the framework for that solution. Our innovative strategy combined with the use of data, AI and machine learning will innovate your company and put you ahead of the curve.

Stop Sacrificing Quality: A Robotic Solution

If you’re a startup or a small business, your marketing team might be infinitesimally small. Maybe your sales team is your marketing team. Maybe you don’t have a marketing team at all. If that’s the case it can be exceedingly difficult to achieve the alignment, previously mentioned, to obtain success in Q1 and Q3. That’s exactly the space where Robotic Marketer is effectively deployed. The Marketing Strategies that the Robotic Marketer produces are smarter, more intuitive, market researched and fact-based then your usual strategy. These services can be supplemental or additional to a preexisting marketing team. Plus they include an in-depth analysis of competitors providing recommended marketing activities and spend. Utilizing these services, you will receive the best robot-possible marketing strategy available in the world today.