Email Marketing, More Influential Than Facebook and Twitter Combined?

Email Marketing, More Influential Than Facebook and Twitter Combined?

  • On : November 9, 2019

Email marketing is one of the most pervading forms of media today. This channel boasts some 3.9 billion users, surpassing the total accounts of Facebook and Twitter, combined. If you’re not using email marketing to reach your target audience, you should be. So how exactly does your business integrate email marketing into its strategy?

Email marketing, also known as “email direct marketing” (EDM), is a highly persuasive method of promoting products and services through the medium of email. This customizable form of information dissemination allows you to connect with customers, clients and other businesses in a personable and effective manner.

According to Small Business Trends, 54% of consumers surveyed said they want to receive mail from brands in which they’re interested. If your customers are asking for something, you need to deliver. There is a demand from customers for this format, we just have to discover which consumers have the content we have to deliver. So then, what are some things we need to consider to be successful in this channel?

Who’s My Audience?

Before you establish what content you are going to focus on in your EDMs you must determine who composes your target audience. Once you’ve determined your viewership, you’ll begin to understand the style of content that needs to be disseminated to that audience. If your business has a pre-existing following on social media, find ways to retrieve emails from those viewers. Perhaps your company has a pre-existing database that it can pull names and customer profiles from. Review the demographics of that target audience. Based on factors like age, product preferences and lifestyles create content that fits the parameters of those things.

Keeping a Content List:

When it comes to creating content for your email marketing you have to consider many different factors. Imagery, tone, and style of the content remaining should begin to coalesce into one unified brand image as you continue to develop that content. No matter what your content showcases, practice brevity in your writing. Communicate the greatest amount of information with the fewest amount of words possible. Creating a content list will create a standard expectation for graphic designers, writers and creative directors in your company. A list helps employees gauge the type of content they should consider creating. The following is an example of what your list might include:

  • Employee Spotlights
  • Industry Leader Features
  • Video Snippets
  • Infographics 
  • Data Visualizations 

Scheduling and Cadence:

After determining the audience before you and the content at your disposal you must consider the schedule of your email marketing and email marketing campaigns. What is the rhythm of the information you communicate? What’s the flow of your key messaging?

Establishing a regular cadence will let your audience know when they should expect curated content. Regular intervals of releasing content through EDMs can be established through an incubation period of test EDMs. Send generic information about your product in a series of emails. To precisely gauge which of these intervals is most effective, take a look at the metrics behind email marketing. Whichever timestamps have the best response, marked by the metrics, use that as your regular cadence. Then you’ll discover the rhythm of your EDMs.

Feedback Cycles and Metrics

Depending on what email marketing service you use (MailChimp, Drip, SendInBlue, etc.) you can find a way to look at data behind the emails and campaigns that you’ve sent. We recommend studying the following: 

  • Important metrics:
    • Open Rate (Don’t stop there)
    • Click-Through Rate (Response rate to links & CTAs)
    • Unsubscribe Rate and Compliant rate (those who dropped off)
    • Conversion Rate (Those who completed the desired action)
    • Bounce Rate
    • Forward Rate

Following these metrics in more depth and detail will unveil the performance of your emails. They will show you what times, type of content and messages that your consumers or clients respond to the most. Regularly check these insights to improve how your email marketing performs.

Integrate EDM into Your Marketing Campaign

With Robotic Marketer’s services, you can seamlessly integrate email direct marketing as a pillar in your marketing strategy. Our AI-based technology will collect data on competitors and insights on consumers to create an optimum strategy for your business. With the right key messaging, consumer data and developed strategy email marketing can be easier than ever before. Choose Robotic Marketer and step into the future of marketing.