Robot marketing strategies

Can a robot write your marketing strategies?

  • On : January 23, 2019

The answer is Yes. Robots can do everything these days. And I already know the name of this robot, it’s called Robotic Marketer! It can be worrying to think that a robot has the ability to replace a marketer and do the job just as good or even better than a person! But have a closer look at the fact; a marketing strategy takes a very long time to be elaborate, at least several hours. With Robotic Marketer, it takes just minutes! But first, let me explain how it actually works!

Robotic Marketer is a new concept that surely every marketer should be aware; it combines AI with machine learning. Robotic Marketer is a robot able to do a thing a marketer can do. In a marketing strategy, there is a lot of stuff and a marketer cannot do all fully without forgetting something, it’s called a human mistake. But a robot can, with all data needed.

It’s like when you cook with some form of technology, you prepare each of the ingredients and put them in that technology, it takes care of the rest. It’s the same here, Robotic marketer only needs to collect some data, once this data is recorded, it can give you a stunning result and without leaving anything out.

This AI technology who is smart and intuitive has the capacity to learn. Through Machine learning, the robot is constantly learning, the more customers there are, the more it learns and improves. Moreover, it only sorts out relevant information! Some people may stick around on details that are not necessarily useful, the robot does not do that.

So, bringing all ingredients you can in the bowl and Robotic marketer shakes it, and gives you a stunning result. Everyone should be aware of this, and start taking advantage of this new way of working in marketing.