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Artificial Intelligence and Job Security

  • On : November 22, 2017

Did you know, that an IDC survey for Salesforce estimates that over 800,000 new jobs will be created within the customer relationship management sector?

More jobs, less jobs? This, for many years to come will be one of the leitmotifs in the continual debate on artificial intelligence and how it will affect employees as it advances and evolves.

This debate has been ongoing for some time back since some of the first alarming studies. For example, Carl Frey and Michael Osborne from the University of Oxford, released a study on ‘The future of employment’ which immediately caused panic across the United States once reviewed and had outlined that it was forecasted that 47% of current everyday jobs would have a high risk of being automated one day.

Based on more recent studies, researchers have begun to frame this phenomenon with another point of view. One key point, for example, argues that artificial intelligence has the potential to generate over 800,000 jobs.

Prepared by the International IDC Consulting Company for Salesforce, this cloud computing giant based in San Francisco has provided research focusing on a particular industry: Customer Relationship Management. Combining IDC market data with IDC’s AI/CRM Economic Impact Survey of 1,028 organisations worldwide and 20 years of IDC’s economic impact forecasting models on how AI will affect the global economy, they have been able to determine this astounding prediction.

From IDC’s report, AI associated with CRM activities is predicted to boost global business revenue from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2021 by $1.1 trillion!

The fear of being put out of a job or losing work is one of the main reasons this topic creates stress among employees. I think we’ll obtain much more clarity and transparency in the coming year. In fact, according to several observers, 2018 will be proof for the adoption of artificial intelligence.

I think we can conclude that we have come to a level of debate where there are minimal questions left surrounding whether and how artificial intelligence will replace jobs, but countermeasures that need to be put in place. That is, on the education and the development side of new abilities – such as those in CRM. Its time prepare yourself for the challenges of the future.