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Adapt or become irrelevant

  • On : November 28, 2017

The workforce of tomorrow will require a completely different set of skills compared to recent times if they wish to navigate the future world of work efficiently.

Fact: It’s no longer a theoretical exercise to wonder if your job will quite literally be replaced by robotics, it’s reality.

The future is already here – businesses have started to employee robotic colleagues over human employees. It’s estimated that in five years’ time over 45% of the worlds fastest growing businesses will employee more robots (virtual assistants and smart machines) than people.


How employees can combat the technological change in the workplace

Not only do employees need to create a learning culture based on disruption, they need to actively keep educating themselves in order to transition their skills with the change of technology and business practices. Even those young employees entering the workplace with the most advanced technical skills may find themselves quickly falling behind the technological curve as this force continues to accelerate.

A few short-term steps employees can take to keep up with the changes in technology include:

  • Firstly, understand that change is inevitable – it comes down to how you address the challenge.
  • Stay on top of the trends by researching and reading as much as possible about what’s happening in the industry on a weekly basis.
  • Take the time to become familiar with new technologies, then help assist co-workers with what you have learned – not only does this help increase strong teamwork it also reinforces your own understanding.

If the necessary steps aren’t taken to keep up with the changing dynamics of business, then employees will soon find their skill sets will become irrelevant.

How marketers can combat technological change

The capabilities of new technologies, automation and robotics are changing the marketing field at a pace that is almost difficult to keep up with. Nonetheless, technology is essentially tools to us marketers; it drives our strategy and enhances our performance while giving us a new perspective of what ROI looks like.

Marketers can keep on top of marketing and business trends by frequently visiting websites such as Business Insider, and Marketing Profs and browsing through their content. It’s also important to attend events and online webinars whilst undertaking any necessary courses on the side.

Robotic Marketer

As one of Australia’s most innovative, forward-thinking marketing companies, Marketing Eye is developing the world’s first ever Robotic Marketer. This robot is designed and programmed to take our strategies from their current level to that very next level that’s not achievable by any human. Combining machine learning, automation, data scraping and big data, our marketers will work alongside our robot to produce the best recommendations when it comes to strategic and tactical marketing activities and budget.

The future promises nothing but change, adapt or become irrelevant.