The Impact Of Machine Learning On Digital Marketing Strategy

The Impact Of Machine Learning On Digital Marketing Strategy

  • On : March 3, 2020

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows for the creation of predictive models and algorithms that are able to learn and improve without the need for human intervention. These programs are then able to anticipate consumer behaviour in order to optimise marketing campaigns.

Several ways machine learning can impact digital marketing strategies include:

Enhances Pay-per-click campaigns

Machine learning is crucial to maximising conversion and positively contributes to campaigns by:

  • Showcasing metrics that are vital to your business
  • Identifying obstacles that could undermine your targets and goals
  • Determining key performance drivers in order to improve strategic decisions


Chatbots are perhaps the most noticeable and widespread implementation of machine learning software. Not only do they assist customers with information about products and services, but they are continually learning and improving through the collection of consumer data.

Content Marketing 

The internet has become inundated with content. Now, in order to succeed, creating content that is personally relevant and engaging for customers is more important than ever. By analysing consumer trends machine learning programs are able to reduce the time taken to track and decipher data, thereby producing actionable insights that are able to be employed.

Content Management 

The creation of meaningful relationships with leads, prospects and customers alike across multiple online platforms is crucial to building brand awareness and engagement. By analysing what type of content, keywords and phrases are most relevant to your desired audience, machine learning is able to successfully manage content.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO algorithms are constantly changing, and now, the mass utilisation of machine learning has led to insights from searchable content becoming more relevant than specific keywords during the search process. To stay ahead of the curve and maintain your high-ranking position, the quality of your content rather than the included keywords should be your main focus.

Alter messaging on the fly

Due to the ability to monitor consumer sentiment in real time, machine learning allows brands to alter their messaging based on the most recent customer feedback. These models also allow for the automation and personalisation of certain marketing processes by allowing machine learning algorithms to make decisions in real time in order to maximise effectiveness.

Predictive approach to Customer Segmentation

The utilisation of machine learning allows for the creation of micro-segments based on behavioural patterns that are incredibly difficult to spot. This data collection enables marketers to employ a predictive approach to customer segmentation, thereby allowing for the ability to lead each consumer individually through their customer journey.