Robotics & AI – how are they changing the way businesses operate?

  • On : February 15, 2018

Losing jobs to technology is really nothing new if you think about it – even when humans haven’t been totally overrun they have learned to adapt to technology and machinery to become more efficient and accurate in what they do.

With continued advances in artificial intelligence, technology and robotics, businesses will need to stop and rethink their approach to getting the job done in the most competitive manner.

Businesses are having to transform their training models and methods, reevaluate their hiring practices, reconsider their organisational structure and transform their job descriptions.

How AI is changing the way you organise your company

As a leader, if you’re not already thinking about how artificial intelligence tools will affect your practices in the near future then you’re already lagging behind.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t eliminating jobs, it’s basically eliminating the tasks of jobs and helping to create more jobs that are human based. What artificial intelligence technology and tools are doing is forcing organisations to reevaluate a number of existing practices and strategies.

In order to properly adapt to changing technologies, many organisations across the globe are shifting their internal approach from a top down structure towards achieving more multidisciplinary teams. This team-centric styled concept is being implemented to optimise employees for adaptability and learning in preparation for the technological disruption to come.

As artificial intelligence continues to scale and becomes more commonly available in the workplace, business owners and leaders will need to categorise their jobs into machine based, human based and combination – the recruitment process is also forecasted to change as managers consider ‘who’ or ‘what’ is best for a specific role.


How robotics will shift the job description and expectation of employees

A professor of Robotics at the University of Edinburgh says “Robots are good at precise actions but less good at sophisticated tasks”. Jobs will become more superior, requiring more of a cognitive ability. Executive level jobs will rise to have more of a management style role to them as robotics and technology become more prominent in the workplace.

Now is the time to start thinking about your businesses future and how you see the increasing influence of artificial intelligence and technology slotting in to transform the way you conduct business.