Robotic Marketer Launches “Come Market Your Business with Me” in Australia

  • On : July 2, 2024

June 26, 2024, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Robotic Marketer, the world’s first AI-powered marketing strategy technology platform, is excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking programme tailored for Australian small businesses and junior marketers. This initiative, starting on July 1, 2024, and running through to June 30, 2025, aims to equip sole entrepreneurs, small business owners and junior marketers with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop and execute effective marketing strategies using advanced AI technology.


Addressing the common challenges faced by small businesses in navigating marketing strategies, Robotic Marketer’s all-in-one marketing strategy platform offers a comprehensive solution that guides companies from strategy development through to execution and reporting. This programme will encompass all facets of marketing strategy, from the initial creation of a strategic plan to its daily implementation and continuous improvement based on robust reporting.


“Small businesses often struggle with marketing strategies, especially if it’s not their area of expertise. Robotic Marketer’s ‘Come Market Your Business With Me’ provides them with valuable discipline and knowledge around marketing strategy and execution,” said Mellissah Smith, founder of Robotic Marketer.


“Our platform’s AI technology is designed to simplify the marketing process, making it accessible and manageable for those with limited marketing expertise,” Smith added. “This initiative will guide participants through every aspect of marketing strategy and execution, from campaign launches to performance tracking and data-driven adjustments.”


“With ‘Come Market Your Business With Me,’ we’re committed to empowering small businesses to achieve consistent and professional marketing results,” Smith continued. “This programme not only provides practical solutions but also equips participants with the knowledge to make informed marketing decisions.”


Robotic Marketer has established strong partnerships with key industry leaders such as SAP, Oracle and Mitel, and has been instrumental in supporting their partner ecosystems globally. These collaborations underscore the reliability and effectiveness of Robotic Marketer’s technology in driving successful marketing outcomes.


The new programme extends Robotic Marketer’s commitment to empowering small to medium-sized businesses. By leveraging the platform’s sophisticated AI algorithms, participants can automate routine tasks, focus on creative strategy and ultimately achieve their marketing goals without the need for extensive marketing teams or resources.


This initiative comes at a trying time when many small businesses are seeking innovative and efficient ways to enhance their marketing efforts amidst economic pressures. The programme not only provides practical solutions but also equips participants with the knowledge to make informed marketing decisions.


About Robotic Marketer


Robotic Marketer is the world’s first AI-powered marketing strategy technology platform. The technology takes companies from strategy to execution to reporting in one automated process, enabling seamless strategy development and campaign implementation. Robotic Marketer works extensively globally with SAP, Oracle, and Mitel Partner ecosystems, aiming to support small to medium-sized businesses. Founder Mellissah Smith was awarded “Innovator of the Year” in 2022 at the WiT Awards.