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Why having a marketing robot as a colleague is super cool

  • On : August 10, 2017

When talking to my incredible team of people working at Marketing Eye, the sister company that has helped Robotic Marketer by providing invaluable voice recorded workshops and marketing strategies, they are so excited about what we are doing.

For them, the Robotic Marketer is not only a game-changer but the colleague they always wanted to have.

If you think about the day in the life of a marketer, so often we have questions that we don’t have all the answers to, and Googling just doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’.

We can do better

We are left frustrated and we know that deep down we can do better.

Having a colleague that has the answers or knows how to find them, is a relief. Together, the marketer and the robot will produce for their clients the most in-depth analysis of the market, campaigns, results, analytics, data science and help them find their prospects, nurture them and sell to them the way they want to be sold to.


Sure, in the first iteration it is a robot that conducts a marketing workshop, and then writes the most powerful marketing strategy possible based on the information that the robot has learned and sourced through data mining. But then it goes on from there. It’s an every day tool to find information, look at the competitive landscape, know what works and what doesn’t and then give recommendations on the best way forward.

As a marketer, the Marketing Eye team will spend their days no doubt talking to their computers (and everyone will think they are crazy until it becomes the norm) and being more creative.

We’re not only excited – we’re ready. This is the future and anything that we can do to give our clients a competitive advantage, we are certainly wanting to take on-board.