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I’ve made a business page on social media, now what? 3 Important tips to help your business take that next step.

  • On : June 1, 2021

You’ve decided to join the rest of the business world and develop your company’s social media page. You’ve taken what is a huge step, but it can leave you thinking one thing. What now?

It can be quite daunting to embark on a new area of marketing that you and your business may not be familiar with. Social media marketing has become so competitive and widely used that it is extremely easy to be lost amongst your competition.

These three simple but effective tips will help lay the building blocks, in which you can create your social media marketing campaign.

Plan and Schedule Upcoming Posts 

It is imperative when marketing your business that you don’t just post whatever comes to mind. When you’re posting on your business’ social media page, you are representing your business as a whole.

Anything that is posted on your business’ page will form the identity and message of your brand. Customers may use your socials as a reference to understand what you’re all about. So, make sure the content that you’re posting has been planned and well thought out.

Delivering a clear image through your posts will help customers resonate with your brand and be more compelled to engage with you. Sometimes here it is wise to remember ‘quality not quantity’.

To further drive your engagement, it is wise to schedule your posting. Having a consistent posting schedule will help create a vision of presence on your page as well as spread out your content out so it doesn’t dry up.

Review analytics and make a strategic decision

Posting and recording high rates of engagement is a great feeling, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t begin to use it to your advantage. Social media platforms can create a whirlwind of useful and extensive analytical information. It is essential to use this to make strategic marketing decisions.

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide substantial information in their insights section. They provide information on your audience, as well as what posts have created the highest rates of engagement and clicks.

Using valuable data like this you can adapt your marketing strategy to develop more effective content and reach that audience and market share that you were aiming for. Helping to achieve those digital marketing goals.

Pay attention to trends and competitors

Social media is fast-paced. So, it couldn’t be more important to keep an eye on the competition. Doing this will help you find out what other players in your market are doing. Providing an insight into how you should position yourself.

Your competition will help provide a benchmark for what content you should be posting. By identifying your competitors’ most popular posts you can develop ideas for what content you should be posting and what content you should be avoiding.

Another way to use your competitors to your advantage is to view their presence on social media regarding their following. Creating an awareness of where your competition’s numbers of followers sit will help develop realistic goals for your business.


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