Humans & Machines

Humans & Machines

  • On : October 12, 2017

“Humans and machines – each on their own – won’t be enough to drive businesses in the coming decades. Tomorrow’s leading enterprises will be those that know how to meld the two effectively” – Accenture.

Those forward-thinking businesses who have adopted robotics, automation software and technologies, have increased their productivity by over 200% evidence suggest. This helps re-affirm how the future workforce will look like: human and digital interaction on a daily basis.


As old jobs disappear, new ones arrive

As robotics and automation technology are continuously implemented in the workplace, many jobs are seeing a transformation with robotics focusing on the simple menial administration and data collecting jobs, whilst humans are left to specialise elsewhere.

As artificial intelligence starts to take over jobs, it will certainly push out older jobs and create new innovative roles. We’ve already seen this in past years within the manufacturing industry, and as of recent, financial analysts have been replaced with software or robo-advisors.

Robots are coming for your jobs – travel, banking, finance, science and marketing industries are next. But don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security, you’ll be amazed to know that in most workplaces they are already existent. 


Robotics in marketing

Robotic Marketer is a game changer which will replace a handful of jobs in the marketing industry.

Robotic Marketer marketing strategies will be smarter, more intuitive, market research and fact-based, with in-depth analysis of competitors and artificial intelligence providing recommended marketing activities and spend. The Robotic Marketer strategy will be one of a kind – a strategy no human could achieve.

Not all marketing jobs will be lost to robotics and AI. Marketers and robotics alike will work cohesively within the workplace as marketers will still need to address their focus on adapting and responding to changes from market demands and internal drivers – a human-forward career which AI is not quite ready to replicate.

We’re using advanced technology to enhance our marketing capabilities in order to produce top-tier marketing objectives for your business.


Do not fear the digital world! The interaction of humans and machines is our future.