How AI powered Microsoft Bing will be game changing for marketers

  • On : February 8, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making its mark and fundamentally changing almost every software category and many industries and it is now ready to revolutionize the world of digital marketing. With the integration of AI technology into the Microsoft Bing search engine, it is set to change the way marketers’ approach both search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising.

AI-powered Microsoft Bing offers a new level of data analysis and personalization that will allow marketers to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors more effectively than before. This is game-changing for marketers who are looking to reach their desired audience with more precision and efficiency.

Let’s explore how AI powered Microsoft Bing will be game changing for marketers:

What is Microsoft Bing’s big AI play?

At its core, Microsoft Bing is a search engine that uses AI to understand the intent behind a user’s search query and provide more relevant results. Unlike traditional search engines that rely on keyword matching, Bing uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze a user’s query, understand the context of their search and deliver them with the most relevant results.

For example, if a user searches for the “best restaurants in Seattle”, Bing will not only display a list of restaurants in Seattle, but also take into account the user’s location, personal preferences, and recent search history to rank the results based on their relevance. This means that users can get faster, more accurate and more personalized results that are tailored to their specific needs.

Microsoft together with OpenAI have also implemented safeguards against any harmful or inappropriate content. Microsoft with OpenAI are working closely to address the issues of misinformation and disinformation, content blocking and data safety preventing any harmful content that might be discriminatory to users. These new safeguards are mitigating risk and proving a responsible design that is a central part of Microsoft Bing’s big AI play.

What to expect from new features on Microsoft’s Bing?

The new version of Microsoft Bing comes with a number of exciting features that are designed to make the search experience faster, more intuitive, and more personalized.

Here are some of the key features that you can expect:

1. Edge your co-pilot for the web

Bing has integrated with Microsoft Edge, allowing users to quickly access the search engine from their browser. This makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for, without having to leave the page they are on.

This better search is an improved version of the search you are familiar with; however it now will now provide more relevant results with more comprehensive answers for simple queries that you may search for like the weather.

2. Visual search

Bing has introduced a new visual search feature that allows users to search for images and videos using images as the search query. This is a great way to find similar images, learn more about a product or service, or discover new ideas.

Visual search also opens up a new world of opportunities for marketers, allowing them to better understand their target audience and what visual content resonates best with them. This will provide valuable insights to marketers into customer behavior and enable businesses to make data-driven decisions that drives business growth.

AI-powered Microsoft Bing is a game changer for marketers being able to process vast amounts of data in real-time, providing them with the tools they need to reach and engage with customers in new and innovative ways.

3. Personalized results

Bing’s machine learning algorithms will continue to improve over time, learning from your search history, location, and personal preferences to deliver you with more personalized results.

With more personalized results will naturally come more detailed instructions and answers to your search query so you will not be left having to scroll through multiple results to find the best answer to your search.

4. Contextual search

Bing will now take into account the context of your search, such as the time of day, your location, and other relevant factors, to provide you with more accurate results.

This will provide a whole new search experience that will help you to find the right answer at the right moment so you can act immediately.

5. Voice search

Bing now has voice search capabilities, making it easier for users to find what they need without typing.

This new verbal search experience will benefit more complex searches like researching a big ticket item to purchase. Voice search will empower users to refine their search and receive the answer or results that are specific to their voice search. This will save time and provide value to searchers that are time poor or that want a quick answer to their search.

How marketers can use Microsoft Bing to get better results

Marketers can use Microsoft Bing to reach their target audience more effectively and drive more traffic to their website.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of Bing’s new AI-powered search engine:

1. Optimize your website for Bing

Make sure your website is optimized for Bing, with clear and concise content, keyword-rich titles, and descriptions, and making use of high-quality images.

2. Use visual search

Visual search is a powerful tool for marketers, allowing users to find your products and services using images. Make sure to include high-quality images on your website, along with detailed descriptions and product specifications to aid with users search.

3. Leverage personalized results

Bing’s personalized results will allow you to reach your target audience more effectively, by delivering relevant results that are tailored to their specific needs.

4. Utilize Bing Ads

One way marketers can take advantage of Microsoft Bing’s AI capabilities is through the use of Bing Ads. Bing Ads are a powerful advertising platform that allows marketers to reach their target audience through search advertising.

By creating targeted ad campaigns that appear in search results, marketers can provide users with relevant and informative ads that increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to their website. Bing Ads additionally allow for targeting by location, making it an effective tool for local businesses. With its advanced targeting options and AI-powered search results, Bing Ads are also a game-changer for marketers looking to reach their target audience and achieve better results.

5. Take advantage of local search

Another way that marketers can take advantage of Microsoft Bing’s AI capabilities is by utilizing its local search capabilities. Bing’s local search allows users to easily find businesses and services in their area, making it an essential tool for local businesses looking to increase their visibility and reach their target audience.

By including location information on your website and in your Bing Ad campaigns, local businesses can ensure that they are appearing in relevant local search results and reaching users in their local area. This can help drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions, making Bing’s local search capabilities a game-changer for local businesses and marketers.

So what are you waiting for, start optimizing your website for Bing today, and take advantage of this game-changing technology!