Does Artificial Intelligence Influence Consumer Behavior?

Does Artificial Intelligence Influence Consumer Behavior?

  • On : January 11, 2020

Artificial intelligence is already very prevalent in the business realm, whether we know it or not. There are plenty of concerns about how it might affect the workforce, but have we considered how it could influence the behavior of our customers? The customer experience has so many variables between the first signs of interest to finally making a purchase, that it’s very important to know if AI can make any difference along the way.

 AI can increase sales

Artificial intelligence can understand the habits, needs, and choices of the consumer in a way that revolutionizes the relationship between business and consumer. With this knowledge, AI can usher the consumer into a particular funnel that the customer will have a more positive response to. Not only will they have a better experience overall, but this experience may even push them to make a purchase. AI can also predict when a customer is most likely to purchase by targeting them at certain times of day to generate a jump in sales.

AI can increase loyalty

Those same insights that generate an increase in sales can also encourage customer loyalty. Businesses everywhere are trying to increase loyalty within their customer base, and AI can build that bridge between customers and businesses. By using these insights, predictive technology can make recommendations based on customer habits and behavior. If AI can make a recommendation that the customer is happy, why would they choose a different product in the future? Keep your customers coming back by offering an excellent solution to their problem. With AI on your side, you will be able to lock customers down left and right.

AI can provide convenience

Convenience makes up for a lot of customer decisions. Artificial intelligence is the next step of that progression. AI will allow customers to make purchases faster and communicate with digital assistants to find exactly what they are looking for, all from the comfort of their own home or office space. Online shopping has already provided an incredibly convenient way to shop without leaving the house, and AI is only going to take this further.

AI can increase trust

To create trust, customers need to know that not only are you keeping their financial details secure but that you can also deliver a great product every single time. Offering something that your audience will find valuable is a great way to establish a line of trust while maintaining a reputation for transparency, honesty, and security at the same time.