ChatGPT 4o – Fast, Reliable, and Game-Changing

  • On : May 16, 2024

OpenAI recently launched GPT-4o, an unbelievable iteration of the GPT-4 model that powers its hallmark product, ChatGPT. This updated model is significantly faster and enhances capabilities across text, vision, and audio, according to OpenAI CTO Mira Murati. During a livestream announcement on ...

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Unveiling Multimodal AI: Advancing Personalized Marketing

  • On : March 28, 2024

The Rise of Multimodal AI: The Next Revolution in Personalized Marketing Artificial intelligence has brought a lot of changes in the marketing sphere. Recently, one term has been buzzing louder than the rest: Multimodal AI. It’s not just another fancy tech jargon; it represents the next ...

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How AI is Changing Marketing Strategies

  • On : March 25, 2024

The fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and marketing is changing the scene at an unprecedented pace. This blend is doing more than reshaping strategies. It is creating novel avenues for personalize customer engagement. It enhances predictive analytics and content creation efficiency. As we ...

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Strategies and tips: Boost your engagement of social media with expert insights!

Enhancing Engagement Through Social Media Trends: Strategies and Tips.

  • On : March 21, 2024

Social media has emerged as a key component of modern marketing tactics in the digital age, providing firms with remarkable chances to engage with their target market. Social media platforms are dynamic channels for interaction and involvement that can be used to drive conversions and build ...

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Staying Ahead in 2024: The Role of AI-Driven Marketing Platforms.

  • On : February 28, 2024

The established norms that once dictated marketing strategies are proving insufficient in the face of complex consumer behaviors, technological advancements and a global marketplace in constant flux. This comprehensive exploration focuses on the pivotal role of AI-driven marketing platforms, ...

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Marketing Intern Robotic Marketer internship

What You Learn in a Marketing Internship That Your $100K College Degree Doesn’t Tell You

  • On : January 11, 2024

Are you currently a marketing university student working hard to earn your degree, or a recent graduate wondering about your next steps? Have you ever questioned what you’ve truly learned during your time at uni? Undoubtedly, university is essential – it provides diverse knowledge, introduces ...

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Klaviyo + Robotic Marketer

Klaviyo + Robotic Marketer: A Winning Combination for Digital Marketers

  • On : December 14, 2023

E-commerce businesses seeking a competitive edge in marketing strategy and customer engagement can find a robust solution in the integration of Klaviyo and Robotic Marketer. This blend offers a dynamic approach to optimizing marketing strategies, enhancing customer experiences, and driving ...

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AI Insights

Business Insights from Mellissah Smith and Mike DeMos

  • On : December 1, 2023

Our founder, Mellissah Smith, appeared on the podcast “Finding Your Grit” hosted by Mike DeMos, CEO of C-360 Agency. During the podcast, they sat down to discuss their experience in modern business and insights on marketing strategies.

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Unchartered marketing territory: How curious are you to be the first player?

  • On : November 17, 2023

Marketing is a dynamic and competitive field that requires constant innovation and adaptation. Marketing is also a strategic and creative field that offers endless opportunities and challenges. Marketing is not only about selling products or services, but also about creating value, building ...

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Sharn Piper (Attain) and Mellissah Smith (Robotic Marketer).

AI Enhanced Marketing: Attain x Robotic Marketer Webinar Insights

  • On : September 13, 2023

In a dynamic 45-minute webinar that’s bound to reshape your marketing outlook for the year ahead, Mellissah Smith, the visionary founder and CEO of Robotic Marketer, teamed up with Sharn Piper, the forward-thinking CEO of Attain. Together, they dived deep into the incredible potential of ...

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