5 Ways To Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

5 Ways To Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

  • On : March 12, 2020

Let’s be real: the year is 2020 and if you still haven’t figured out the YouTube thing yet, now is the time to get savvy at it.

Why? Because as a content churning machine with over 50 million content creators collectively spewing out videos every single minute and more than 1.8 billion active users on the platform, your inexperience could possibly equal to being lost at sea where no one can find you. In other words, oblivion.

So, how can you ensure you are raising brand awareness while also keeping viewers entertained?

Here are our 5 ways to maximize your YouTube marketing strategy:

  1. Focus On SEO

In marketing today, SEO is king, and it is not limited to just your websites and your blogs. ‘Findability’ is an actual thing that needs to be considered even when developing content for our YouTube channel.

Google owns YouTube, which also means their algorithms are also closely aligned to one another. Therefore, failing to consider the searchability of the content you are developing could mean obscurity.

To mitigate this, ensure that your video title is “keyword relevant”, your video description is keyword rich, have an interesting thumbnail,  and use tags that really capture the content of the video.

  1. Consider Videos When Strategizing

The mistake that many businesses make is failing to seriously consider videos in line with their overall marketing strategy. Videos are often seen as a one-off marketing activity you engage in whenever you find the time, however this is far from the truth.

Visual content marketing is great source for lead generation and improving website traffic. Videos can be used along with blog posts to generate a steady stream of organic traffic, emphasize on key points and build engagement.

  1. Create A Content Calendar

Managing a business is crazy enough. So, add a little structure and relieve your stress with a plan in place for a steady flow of relevant content.

Content calendars assist with creating a clutter-free structure to promote and manage content on not only YouTube but also other social media platforms.

The key to succeeding here is by maintaining both quality and consistency in workflow. Your content creation needs to have specified timelines and requirements that relate to what your brand is all about. Simple!

  1. Learn From Your Favorites

Pro Tip: When watching your favorite Youtubers, ask yourself – what makes them stand out? how do they maintain attention? what are the topics they discuss?

This step will help enlighten you on the techniques used and best practices followed to drive views, subscriptions and engagement. Whether or not your favourite Youtuber is in your business niche, adapting their way of doing things and customizing it to your business has the potential to work wonders.

  1. Learn From Competition

While your favorites inspire you, your competition challenge you!

A thorough analysis of your competition’s YouTube strategy has the potential to help you stand out from the crowd. Fortunately for you, there’s plenty of information available on their channels to stalk them enough to beat them at their own game.

Watch their videos, look at the language and tone of voice used, analyze their videos with the least views and their videos with most views and learn from that to inform your own strategy.

Developing an effective YouTube marketing strategy takes time, structure, creativity and skill. While there is no set recipe for success, we hope that our tips act as a guide that inform the development of your business’ YouTube strategy.