Technology marketing strategy

5 Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

  • On : June 24, 2021

More than anyone, technology companies are faced with the challenge of increasing online competition. Not only are the number of competitors growing, but the innovations and technologies they possess have the ability to challenge even key players in the market. Here, we have suggested 5 marketing strategies that technology companies should consider for their upcoming marketing plan. Before you make any marketing decisions, it is vital to consider the position you are in.

Consider asking the following questions:

  • Where is your company currently at?
  • What are your marketing goals?
  • What time, money and resources are you willing to sacrifice to achieve those goals?

It is only after you’ve established your needs that you can create a feasible marketing strategy.

  1. Start putting out high-value content

Don’t be the company that wastes its innovative technology by not following through with the same quality of content online. The reality is that the quality of your content can impact decision-making: customers will decide whether or not they trust your company by the way your content makes them feel. Does your company look untrustworthy, or does it have a genuine appeal?

Compelling content will keep existing customers more engaged and help them to stick around for longer. Much of the product experience is not simply cemented in the product usage, but also in the pre-purchase and post-purchase stages. Embrace these essential stages by providing supplementary content online.

  1. Clean up your email marketing

Many companies are posing the question, “Should I keep my email marketing?”.

To many on the receiving end, emails are just another notification to get ignored. The reality is that email marketing is still up to 40x more effective than social media. Furthermore, the buying process occurs three times faster through email than social media. It’s a widely inexpensive form of marketing that still has an incredibly high ROI.

So, the question you should ask now is, “How can we improve our email marketing?”.

Firstly, consider sending fewer emails with more thought behind them: don’t just assume what your customers want to know, truly understand the information your customers need. Interesting and informative emails will have customers reopening your email again and again. We now have the ability to segment our email lists. Consider creating targeted emails so your different stakeholders get exactly what they need. This way, they will no longer need to search through the clutter of an overflowing inbox.

  1. Start a blog

Blogs can be a great way to increase your conversion, website traffic and SEO. They allow for increased internal linking, which keeps customers engaged on the site. They can stimulate feedback as customers have the ability to post comments. Blogs also provide a way of expanding your database by asking visitors to sign up.

Blog posts provide an additional area for your company to put forth content that’s engaging, informative and fun. Whilst it is a wonderful way of keeping the audience updated of your new technologies, ensure your posts don’t sound too much like an advertisement – keep product inclusion organic and low-key.

  1. Host an Event

Events provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with the audience. Whether you do in-person or online events, your customers will appreciate being able to connect a person from your company to the technology itself.

Events are a great time to stimulate engagement: it’s the perfect way to converse and familiarize yourself with your audience. It provides the time and space to network with other industry professionals. They are a great way of educating your audience, regardless of whether they are new or existing customers. Whether you launch a new technology, or just remind them of all your benefits (that often get overlooked) the customer is likely to take something away from the event. Finally, you can stimulate lead generation by meeting new and exciting prospects.

  1. Create Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a great way to introduce your potential client to your technology before they read further.  Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

Don’t underestimate the value of telling a story through video. It can help the customer to form an emotional connection to your company, as well as further establish credibility. Sometimes shareable content is just as necessary as the informative and technical. Don’t forget to show off your greatest asset, your people! Embrace your company culture and remind everyone that behind the computers is a wonderful group of employees.

The best strategy to create is one that is tangible and achievable. Consider your goals, values and resources before establishing a new marketing strategy. But don’t wait – beat your competitors and seize the market before them! Establish yourself as a thought leader and don’t be hesitant to put yourself out there!