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5 effective ways of marketing for Mitel Partners

  • On : December 12, 2022

There is no industry in which the interoffice telephone system is not an integral element of the overall marketing plan. Even though it might simplify their advertising efforts, some businesses need to evaluate the significance of the technology they have invested in.

Below are five practical ways a business can benefit from investing in a communication system that makes communication more accessible in the marketing world.

  1. Use your customer helpline effectively

When you contact a customer service number, do you ever have to wait to be connected to a human? How did you feel when you were holding the phone in silence? If they had provided you with helpful information during that time, you might have stayed on the line for an extra three minutes. Isn’t it? Try to market your products over these helpline numbers instead of making your customers hold the line in silence. This would make them last longer and is a good way of communicating with your customers.

Marketing Metrics reports that the likelihood of making a sale to a new prospect is just 5-20%.  In contrast, the possibility of making a sale to an established client is 60%-70%. Using the message features of your phone system to advertise to callers before they talk to a person closes the loop between your company’s advertising and the consumer’s subsequent action. It also lets you promote your offerings without resorting to pushy sales techniques that can alienate potential clients.

  1. Invest in your virtual assistant

Customers will initially interact with your virtual assistant before getting in touch with you or other team members. Therefore, it’s a waste of your clients’ time to force them to go through the various assistant’s incapable of dealing with customer inquiries. Rather than allowing this to happen, you could put money into these assistant technologies to make them more effective at answering client questions. In addition, many virtual assistants can market products based on individual customers’ requirements.

  1. Use your social media calendar effectively

The key to getting clients to notice your presence in an industry is consistency, not merely publishing outstanding material on social media. Successful companies must be patient and play the long game on social media.

However, constantly revising and publishing information on social media channels may be a source of considerable aggravation. While you should spend effort creating content, sharing it on social media is something you should be relaxed about. At this point, the computerized assistant becomes useful.

You may maximize the efficiency of your assistant’s social media posting by adhering to your established schedule. For example, this technology is useful when your company is on a seasonal holiday and there is no one to create and publish the content online.

  1. Educate your customers

The key to providing excellent customer service is setting reasonable expectations. Your auto attendant or virtual receptionist is an effective tool for educating and informing customers before they talk to a live person, which is the ideal approach to managing consumer expectations.

In addition, building a menu with choices that cover frequently asked questions gives callers quick access to the data they need and helps your company field more calls and manage more issues without assigning a human to each one.

  1. Integrate your CRMs into your phone systems

The most straightforward approach to ensure that your customer relationship management systems are always up to date is automatically updating them while you are on the phone with your clients. Integrating your virtual receptionist with them is key to keeping your customer relationship management systems up to date.

When a virtual receptionist asks your client to type in specific data before they might speak to a person, this information can instantly be supplied to your CRMs. Apart from updating your CRMs, it is also helpful to send your advertisements to your customers over a text message which can be quickly done with the help of this virtual assistant. Investing in Mitel’s cloud technology is an excellent way to communicate easily with different business entities.

If you use your phone system to aid in your marketing and customer care endeavors, you will tap into a potent business tool and get the most out of your technological investment. It may boost your profits and create a more user-friendly experience for your callers. Automating your Mitel phone system’s call flow will allow you to provide your customers with the exceptional service they deserve.