3 Ways Small Businesses can use Digital PR

3 Ways Small Businesses can use Digital PR

  • On : October 8, 2020

Digital PR is used to build brand awareness in the form of immediate communication, strengthening your business’ exposure and search engine optimization. Small businesses can leverage digital PR through an assortment of online channels to help drive website traffic and improve search engine rankings. Ultimately to get your business’ message out there and build a stronger presence online, consider our three-step approach to digital PR.

1. Link building

A simple digital PR technique for any type of business is the process of link building. Link building occurs when other websites link back to yours. This is a relatively simple digital PR technique that helps search engines like google determine whether your website is a valid source of information. The creation of high-quality content that thinks outside of the box and truly connects with readers will help with link building. Aim to connect with influencers who are at the forefront of your relative market. Offering them a free service or product to try out and review will optimize the probability of generating links back to your site.

2. Repurpose old content

Content that you and your team produce that relates to your expertise can always be reused. Markets change rapidly and it’s more than likely there are current trends worth mentioning, so it’s worthwhile to update older blog posts and content and make them current again. This is another great technique of digital PR for small businesses and a lot of the time it only takes a few tweaks here and there.

3. Optimise social media

Few tools are more powerful in a digital PR campaign than social media. Through ​social media​, you can connect with both customers and influencers, analyze your competitors’ strategy, and continually engage in conversations about your niche. Aim to not only write and publish quality content but continue to promote it through social media channels. Content that provides valuable information worth sharing and discussing will likely be promoted by others as well.

Remember social media is a powerful digital PR technique for any type of business. Unlike traditional PR, social media gives you the opportunity to converse and communicate with your target audience where they are most comfortable. Take the time to listen to their wants and needs as they will allow your business to offer products and services they haven’t been able to find up until now.

Digital PR’s overlap with SEO has become an important aspect that can be leveraged and synergized to create maximum impact for small businesses. When it comes to ​search engine optimization​, there’s you, the search engine, and the searcher. Optimize your content through digital PR techniques like link building, repurposed content and social media so that search engines show your business as the top result for searches of a certain ​keyword​.