AI Marketing Tools For Fast Growing Agencies

  • On : April 21, 2023

As the marketing industry continues to evolve more and more marketing agencies are turning to AI marketing tools to improve their productivity, streamline their workflows, and increase their efficiency. One of the most exciting and innovative tools on the market is Robotic Marketer. This marketing strategy platform leverages AI and machine learning to enable faster, smarter, and more effective marketing strategies.Read more

Top 8 SEO Tools for Monitoring Your Website in 2021

Top 8 SEO Tools for Monitoring Your Website in 2021

  • On : February 1, 2021

With new websites emerging and updates to Google’s search algorithm being implemented constantly, it can be very difficult to hold or improve your search ranking today. That is why it is imperative that businesses are utilizing the best and most up-to-date SEO tools available to help boost their website rank to the top of search engines.

No matter the size of your business, there are both paid and free tools that will allow you to constantly update your webpage with perfect keywords and monitor your SEO success.

One such example is our free site audit we can conduct for you here at Robotic Marketer, but there are many more out there for you to try today.

That is why we have created a list with a mix of the best marketing tools in the hopes that you can find the right fit for your business model.

  1. SEMrush – Free

SEMrush is popular for its features which allows you to complete an accurate keyword research whilst creating an easy-to-follow dashboard that constantly provides updates on the performance of one or multiple website domains.

Not only that, this tool can give you insights on your current search rankings and how to change them for the better, as you can opt to receive information on your competitor’s current advertising and search strategies.

  1. Moz’s Pro Tools – 30 Day Trial, paid plans from $99 a month

Although this is not a free tool, Moz’s 30-day free trial may be enough to hook you on their incredible SEO capabilities.

By utilizing multiple research tools, Moz allows users to identify many different SEO issues and potential opportunities by building in-depth reports with website performance metrics.

  1. Ahrefs – Plans from $99 a month

A popular choice for many, Ahrefs is one of the more advanced SEO tools available with various keyword research functions to be utilized.

There a large number of tools you can use within their different packages, such as Site Explorer, which reveals how specific pages within your website may be performing, or Keywords Explorer, which creates metrics for click-through rates on chosen keywords.

Although it is an advanced program, Ahrefs boasts a friendly user interface that can easily satisfy all of your SEO-based needs.

  1. HubSpot’s Website Grader – Free

One of the oldest tools around that has just received a fresh update, HubSpot’s Website Grader allows you to check performance, security, mobile usability and SEO, meaning it will likely cover all bases for your business.

Their Website Grader is so easy to use that within minutes of entering your website URL, you will receive a rating (out of 100) showing you your generalized performance in all 4 of the above areas. After which you can start a free course on how to improve your website immediately.

  1. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider – One free option and one paid option for $160 a year

With multiple plan options, both versions of this tool are designed to do extensive SEO website analysis.

Perfect for website auditing, Screaming Frog detects missing tags, broken links, any errors and duplicate content that may appear.

This tool is the best time-saver for what would be very dry and time-consuming manual tasks, giving you actionable results much quicker than many other SEO tools.

  1. BuzzStream – 14-day trial, paid plans from $24 a month

BuzzStream is a great tool for checking the validity of your link profile, meaning you can more easily reach out to those who can provide your site with legitimate inbound links.

This tool will identify the most appropriate candidates for your business who best match your profile, which will in turn create more backlinks and ultimately increase your Google ranking.

  1. Linkody – Plans from $15 a month

Linkody tends to have a more specific focus on particular aspects of a website’s SEO performance rather than a more generalized approach like some of the other tools.

Although it is a paid tool, it is still relatively cheap compared to some of its other competitors like BuzzStream, as it enables you to track backlinks and create a more diverse profile for your website.

With the attraction of an easy-to-use interface, the program runs and updates your profile constantly, and will notify you when any links are broken or deleted.

  1. Google Search Central – Free

Although all the above tools can suit your needs just as easily, possibly the most popular and frequently used SEO tool is Google Search Central.

The point of these tools is to understand better how Google ranks our websites based on the content and keywords within our pages, therefore it stands to reason that Google’s SEO tool, formerly known as Google’s Webmaster Tools, is one of the best at explaining how we can improve.

It is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to see your URL as Google sees it, which can help you prevent website hacking, and alter your page to generate better SEO performance.


Google can be a tricky beast to understand, and the constant updates and alterations to their algorithm don’t help, but by using one of these tools we have outlined above, your website stands a much higher chance of becoming an SEO friendly powerhouse.

Any one of these tools will teach you the best practices and improve your performance analysis greatly so that you will be able to identify how you can efficiently improve your website with ease.

How To Use Digital Marketing To Generate Sales

How To Use Digital Marketing To Generate Sales

  • On : December 4, 2020

Source: Marketing Eye Australia

With an abundance of digital marketing tools available to businesses to grow their reach online, there has never been a better time to develop your digital marketing strategy to generate sales.

No matter what kind of business you own and whether it is B2B or B2C, your digital presence and marketing efforts have the ability to create a strong impression on prospective customers or clients. An effective digital marketing strategy also allows you to build and nurture relationships with customers in the short and long term, making it an integral part of being competitive in an online landscape.

The basics: start with a good website

The importance of a good website for your business cannot be understated. Your website establishes your credibility and presence as an online business – everything from your logo to your website design and useability communicates a message about your brand. You want to ensure that that this message is positive and that users have an enjoyable experience visiting your site – one that makes them want to come back. For this reason, having a responsive, well-designed website that is easy to navigate is imperative to ensure that customers trust and continue to engage with your business.

As the home base for your digital presence, your website can also be used to house blog posts and other information you wish to communicate about your business, outside of the products or services you offer. Make the most of this content by optimizing it to improve your SEO. With so many benefits, a well-designed website is the most important first step to improving your sales and converting leads.

Utilize targeted ads to expand reach

With so many digital marketing platforms currently at our disposal, there have never been more opportunities to utilize paid ads than now. Google Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook all have the capacity to run targeted ad campaigns where you can photos, videos, website links and other content with your selected audience.

After setting up your digital marketing campaign, you can also take advantage of analytics and other tools including A/B testing to continue to improve your digital strategy. Overall, targeted ads are a cost-effective way to grow your reach and improve sales in the short and long term.

Leverage newsletters and EDM campaigns to keep people engaged

While many companies collect emails from their current or prospective clients, many do not leverage their email list to create frequent, tailored communications with their target market. Emails are often overlooked in digital marketing but are a powerful tool to grow sales because they are content-rich and can be easily tailored to specific customers.

Regular email newsletter campaigns can keep customers in the loop with new products and offerings from your business. Additionally, EDM campaigns are a fantastic way to target groups of customers; your contacts lists can be segmented so that specific communications can be sent to specific groups. This makes email marketing ideal to improve sales for particular groups of customers or prompt your customers to engage further with your business.

Make your business easier to find – utilize SEO to improve ranking

SEO is the most powerful tool to increase online visibility. By improving your website’s ranking, you will be found by more potential customers. This helps to improve your reach and sales when customers search for products and services in your industry.

Utilize tools like Google AdWords to research keywords relevant to your industry which people are actively searching for. These keywords can be incorporated into your website copy and blog posts, boosting your search engine rankings and making it easier for people to find you. Just make sure content that includes keywords is always of high quality and written with the reader in mind.

Balance between organic and paid advertising

Online social media platforms are a fantastic way to grow your reach and connect with your audience. Depending on the business that you have, utilizing social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter can be a very effective way to grow your following and start conversations with customers. Additionally, sites like Facebook and Instagram have inbuilt shopping platforms for businesses who sell physical products, increasing the number of avenues through which customers can purchase your products.

Paid advertising can also help supplement organic growth in your social media platforms, making it easier to grow and maintain a following on your key channels. Social media platforms can be fantastic places to announce new products, discounts, or company news. Doing so creates another touchpoint with consumers to spark their interest in purchasing a product, which can also grow sales for your business.

The set of digital marketing tools available provides a great deal of flexibility for businesses to select a marketing strategy that addresses their individual needs. By investing time into using the best platforms for your business, you can seek to improve your reach and engagement with customers online. A good digital marketing strategy can help you boost sales by setting you apart from the competition and enabling you to foster good relationships with customers.

Source: Marketing Eye Australia 

3 Tools to Measure Brand Awareness and Why You Should

3 Tools to Measure Brand Awareness and Why You Should

  • On : November 18, 2020

Source: Jeff Bullas

Every brand wishes to become famous. Well, every entrepreneur, business owner, and marketer wishes for its brand to become famous.

But as you might guess, popularity doesn’t happen overnight. Not for brands. They don’t wake up famous; instead, slowly and steadily, they grow brand awareness.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness defines the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.

The goal of marketing, PR, and even customer service is to grow brand awareness – to make sure people know the brand, talk about it, and recall it when the brand’s industry is discussed. These are the primary perks of brand awareness, but there are others, too.

Read More

Source: Jeff Bullas

Outsourcing marketing

Reasons Why Everyone’s Outsourcing Their Marketing

  • On : October 22, 2020

Marketing is effective, but it isn’t easy. In today’s modern environment, marketing particularly digital marketing has rapidly evolved transforming the way businesses operate. It’s safe to say most business owners aren’t exactly marketing experts. In order to run an effective and successful business, they need help creating and implementing their marketing efforts. Building an entire marketing team can prove troublesome with limited employees. This is one of the many reasons why businesses should consider the ​advantages of outsourcing.​

To help you understand the benefits of outsourced marketing consider our eight points below.

1. Results

Outsourcing your marketing efforts and working with a marketing agency means you can and should expect the best results possible. Marketing agencies not only provide a team of experts, but they also want to please you as their client. Agencies provide you with high-quality services because they understand that keeping customers is less expensive than finding new ones. Any marketing agency knows they can be easily replaced by another agency, so they are motivated to ensure you’re satisfied with the work they produce.

2. Collaboration

When you outsource your marketing you gain ​access to an entire team of marketing professionals with extensive skill sets. Experts that make up the team share different thoughts and opinions on what will make your marketing success so you’re receiving a diverse wealth of experience and knowledge. Engaging marketing teams through outsourcing enables your business to collaborate in ways not previously available.

3. Strategy

Often internal marketing teams become too focused on the ‘what’ that they totally forget the ‘why’. Outsourcing your marketing efforts to a marketing agency allows you to gain an outside opinion from a range of marketing experts. A marketing agency can help identify and develop components of your marketing strategy that may have been overlooked internally.

4. Technology

Not only is the latest marketing technology expensive, but it also takes a considerable amount of time for employees to learn how to use it. Most businesses can’t afford to spend large amounts of money on software they don’t know how to use which is why outsourcing marketing is a viable option for many businesses. Marketing agencies have access to not only the latest marketing tools, platforms and technology (like Robotic Marketer) but a team of experts that know how to use it to businesses advantage.

5. An Outside Look

If you are a business owner, taking a critical look at your business can be hard which is why an outsourced marketing agency is the only option. A team of marketing professionals can analyze your business from the outside and differentiate between what is and what isn’t working. With a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience, they can help your business stand apart from your competition and attract more customers.

6. Team of Experts

There are many aspects of marketing, for example, search engine optimization, ​social media engagement​, email campaigns and strategy analysis. Each aspect requires an entirely different skill set so it can feel overwhelming for anyone to conquer every single aspect. Engaging a team of experts, however, provides your business with an increased chance of success. An outsourced marketing team has an entire range of experts from an SEO specialist right through to a strategy analyst.

7. Saves Time

The primary goal of any business is to make sure every single aspect is running smoothly. In doing so you can focus your energy on bringing in new business. However, doing this takes time and time is something every business owner wishes they had more of. To help free up time and allow you to focus your efforts elsewhere consider hiring people with better skills than you. Outsourcing your marketing efforts to people who are better at a specific skill than you are will save time and help your business achieve greater results.

8. Optimise Spend

No business can afford to make costly marketing errors which is why outsourcing your marketing to a team of professionals will save you lots of money. Consider hiring an employee internally, you have to include their salary, benefits, personal or sick leave. Then you run the risk of hiring them only to realize they don’t fit in with your corporate culture. However, hiring an outsourced marketing agency means you not only gain access to a team of professionals but you know exactly how much you’re paying them.